Friday, September 17, 2010


So as the mother of 5, let's just say I dont have a big budget to buy all the fabulous accessories that I want.   Lucky 7 Design is based on the motto to use what you have and if you cant use it anymore in its current state then make it into something else.

So all week I will be doing little projects that are made from items in my home that I either bought and haven't used anywhere or just don't want to keep them where they are right now.
These are Goya bean cans (yes we eat alot of rice and beans in this house) mostly black but I use red for my chili.    So Im a big fan of recycling and I teach my children to do the same.  

When I was getting my dining room ready for the Halloween season....I decided on a black,gold,purple white color scheme.  I needed black candle holders, I didnt want to want to paint the iron ones I have in there because they have such a nice patina to them and really match any decor.  So I was on the hunt to make my own......

Supplies:   Goya bean cans (empty & washed)  Black spray paint

Give a nice coat over the cans

Turn upside and use a small 3" candle (works best)

This is wear it resides now 

                                     Here is another one that I used in the centerpiece on the table.

Total cost of this project $ 0.00:

Spray paint :  Always have spray paint in my workshop
Cans:  Already in my pantry
Candle:  Already bought months ago for party

 I always have a constant stock of beans but they usually cost 2/$1 or sometimes 4/$1.
The candles are from Dollar Tree and cost $1.

How some of you try it out....it could work for a patio area to porch too.

Come back and join me again.  I will be posting  a new project every night and I can almost guarantee that you can run to your kitchen or craft room and make it without spending a penny.   Thats the best part.

Although not intentional...most of the crafts featured are for the Autumn/Fall/Halloween season...which is great for you all to have time to create some of your own.

I'm thinking I might do this every holiday season.....so I'll start getting ready for Christmas tomorrow. lol


  1. what a great idea! they totally look the part, and i love your whole halloween set up on your table.

  2. Looks great and very contemporary. I need to save those cans. Hugs, Marty

  3. Oh my gosh. I love this idea! And the fall canvas' are just beautiful. Can't wait to check out more of your blog!

  4. I did something with cans in the summer...it really is great to decorate with them, paint them, etc....looking good!


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