Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Well 16 brings on a bunch of new changes....... I remember invitations and birthdays cakes and friends and goody bags.     Thats not what my Sweet 16er had in mind this year.

After school, she wanted to go to her high school's football game.   I said okay.  Then she says, after that I want to go with my friends to the Reo (local diner near school)   Sadly I use to go there back in the day after a night out dancing. Wow.....how the wheel turns.

So at about 11p.m. she came home with a few friends and I surprised her with a little set up since the friends were sleeping over that night too.

The dining room is already set up for Halloween season, however me being me.....I've already made some adjustments from my last post. lol

I changed out the centerpiece on the table and added large glass apothecary jar(without top) added my black twigs (discovered by my son @ park) and some cute little creepy spiders.

At each seat I placed a square white plate with a gift bag on top for the girls

Close up of centerpiece...vase,twigs,painted pumpkin, painted candleholder, dollar tree skull, purple candy

Gift bags at each place setting.  Black/purple were the colors

Some updating to the buffet...added gray gauze to lampshade with a little friend.

Some of the gift bag stuff:  book, pencil, body spray, burlap bag and purple dark chocolate Hershey kisses in tulle with purple clothespin

She requested Strawberry shortcake for a cake, so I decided to give them each their own.  She got frosted in the face (its a tradition in our family.....you must get smooshed with cake in the face on your bday)

Blowing out her "16" candles...

Friends who came to celebrate with her: Zulena, Vanessa & James

Her little sis Adelina....obviously excited with the treat

Gabriella and her crew.....her little bro Xander made an appearance for sweets.

Let's see what next year will be....she turns 17 and will be eligible for her driver's license ( ahhhhhhhhhhhh)


  1. Looks like fun! Lucky girl! Who wouldn't love getting one of those gift bags?!?!?! She'll always remember you did this!!


  2. FUN!!~ Happy sweet 16 for your gorgeous daughter!!~ Where did you get the gauze for the lamp, I would love that stuff!?

  3. Happy Bday to your sweet girl!(They grow up too fast) What a great Mom you are! It looks like they all had a great time. I love the table...it looks great.

  4. This looks like so much fun! You're a good mommy. :-)

    Have a wonderful Thursday!

  5. What a great party. Sweet 16? a very exciting age. Take it easy.

    Your setting is awesome.

    Have a happy TS Day.

    Greetings from chilly STOCKHOLMER,

  6. I am sure your daughter and her friends (and Xander!) appreciated your efforts!! What a nice thing to do for her! I like the use of the grey gauzy fabric on the lampshade. Very cool.

  7. Let's see...she's obviously made some quality friends...she's confident enough to have a safe evening out with her friends...she still lets cake be smooshed in her face...and she has a genuine smile for her mom for the group pic. I'd say that you have done quite a bit 'right' in raising this lovely young woman. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  8. How fun!! Happy Birthday to your daughter! I love your dining set. Black chairs have always appealed to me. They are so pretty!


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