Wednesday, December 29, 2010


2 days from now we will begin a New Year, and for me that means I need a new look in my home.  Ive been living in this house for a little over a year and haven't touched hardly a thing.  

I painted the kitchen from the former buttery cream to a sandy oyster beige (i don't remember the color, just that its from Lowe's of course).

The baby will be 1 year old in March and I need to change that deep burgundy color in her room (pic on sidebar)
and I also want to change the bedroom, hallway, and possibly dining room too.  Oh did I mention the downstairs football cave and family room area.

Lowe's hear I come........I thought I would share with you some photos of inspiration.   Each photo has a little something that I like and want in my rooms.   Hope you enjoy.

Style Homes

Windsor Smith




Interior Exquisite Design

Anne Coyle

House of Turquoise

Style Redux

Ashley Lauren Cheney

Knit or Die

Mixed Plate blog

Vintage Mint

Country Living (my dream truck)

Monday, December 27, 2010


Well not sure if alot of you have heard due to all the Christmas & Holiday celebrating, but the North East was hit hard with a blizzard.

I live in New Jersey and we got it bad.....my husband went to work on Sunday morning and still hasnt returned home (he works for our county road dept) so they've been plowing and salting for 36 hours straight (as of midnight tonight).  Which leaves all of the snow shoveling for me and the kiddos (well the ones that can walk..lol)

I thought I would share some photos especially for those of you like my sweet friend Lynda (Focal Point) or Ashley (Little Miss Momma) who didn't have a White Christmas where they live....here it is!

The back deck (that is my wicker coffee table under there)

The front door (we tried pushing it open (no good)

Little one got a few minutes on the porch (it was really too windy to play)

My son and niece attempting to shovel a path ( my son is that spot in the snow)

View from the front storm door (looks really pretty)

Big sis taking little sis out to make snow angels.

Friday, December 24, 2010


Well it's finally here.....Christmas Eve!    I will check in periodically from now till January but Im going to focus on quality time with the children this year.  This have been hard this year and we are adjusting, this is a time for family.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas....Happy Holiday whatever it is or how it is that you celebrate!  I wish that you do it with joy and loved ones.  

I also wish you a Happy & Healthy New Year!


Dont forget to put out the cookies and milk for Santa .  Rudolph also asked me to remind you to sprinkle some magical reindeer food for him and the others too.  Need the recipe here it is http://mylucky7design.blogspot.com/2010/12/holiday-craftmagical-reindeer-food.html

Thursday, December 23, 2010


IM SHOUTING FROM THE ROOFTOP (yay I got to type all in CAPS)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


As the mother of 5 children I am very appreciative of the time and effort teachers put into their jobs.  I was a pre-school teacher myself for awhile.   However as I stated I have 5 children so that's ALOT of teachers.

My pre-schooler has 1 teacher, 2 aides, 1 therapist in her class....TOTAL 4 gifts!
and since she is special needs she has door-to-door busing with a.m. & p.m. busdrivers
so that means 1 driver and 1 aide both ways.........another 4 gifts.....TOTAL
 8 gifts!

My 4th grader has 2 teachers and 1 aide in her class......TOTAL 3 gifts!
she also has a math tutor who is also our karate teacher....TOTAL 1 gift!

Okay folks are we keeping up......so Im at a total of 12 gifts and thats not including my 6th & 11th grader who have 4-6 teachers daily but dont really do teachers gifts at that level (????) I dont see what the difference is but okay...kiddos.

Thankfully everyone of the teachers are female so I didnt have to find different things suited for male or female.   My solution........

Scarf with coordinated gloves & a handmade burlap reindeer ornament.

Here are the 12 gift bags & also the center bag are goodie bags for my daughter's preschool class

Now me personally I think the set is pretty nice......some people might think what I say next is cheap or rude but here it is.   They're from DOLLAR TREE...yep!    Listen, say or think what you want but 12 teachers to buy for is alot and I did the best that I could.   I bought a few sets for myself and for other family members.

New Jersey is an expensive state to live in and currently times are tough here under new goverment so every penny saved for us counts. 

I truly do appreciate all the teachers who educate children and the extra effort they put in as well.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


So alot of us in blogland were inspired by Ashley @ http://littlemissmomma.blogspot.com/ and her BFF post.  It allows the opportunity for us to get to know each other.   So here are a few things you might not know about me your BFF from blogland.

This is me....MJ      B is my other half!

I LOVE TO TYPE IN CAPS......(and will do it often in this post, Im not shouting!)

I hate some of the little rules about online chatting, blogging ex....the caps rule WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL!

When I was 3 I started dancing and dreamed of being in the Nutcracker ballet. ( I quit at 12 when mom moved us)

I hated not growing up with my father.....realize now it was better for me.

I have 6 tattoos all on my back and neck area. (my favorite is above...our monogram)

My mom was a hard worker to provide for us, but didnt do a good job nuturing us.


I love knitting/crocheting but dont tell anyone because I feel old ...lol (NOT ANYMORE)

I have told each one of my children that I love them the most but keep it a secret (how do you answer that question, but to say yes to them)

I love pizza, pasta a rice & beans.

All of my tattoos have a specific meaning and Im about to get another patch of them in 2011.

My house is like the United Nations with all of our Nationalities combined (makes us more unique)

I'd love to host a blog giveaway but not because I want to have a million followers....just to give something away.  

My bio-dad (deceased) was not accepting of my relationship and he died while we werent speaking.

I really didnt think I would ever find true love (you always think your in it until its over)

Im very picky about childrens names and middle names matching

I have 5 children......4 girls and 1 boy

I have always had long hair and in 2007 cut it off and now get new short style every 3 months...

Not a fan of having people pay for tutorials.....If you blog to share, then share!

I always wanted to be a designer, but due to a young bad marriage in my previous unhappy life that didnt happen ( Parsons was my school of choice)

Elizabeth Maxson gives me such inspiration and is a wonderful person to talk too (well in my case 2.a.m. email to..lol)

I have a personal note written from Christy Turlington (famous model in the 80-90's) now married to Ed Burns.    I think she is so beautiful and I use to idolize her as a little girl.

My husband is black-caribbean and some people have issues with it (if you do well then I will pray for you)

I love God but dont feel I need to go into a building with a cross on top to speak to him.

Hate...hate...hate to fly but loved flying out to California & stayin with my husband before he left for Iraq.

I think its rude that people assume because a child isnt the same color or doesnt look like the parent that its not their child (believe me Ive been asked.....SO RUDE)

Im  a dog person, not a fan at all of cats and I HATE reptiles and insects.

LAUNCHING A NEW JEWELRY SECTION IN MY ETSY SHOP on January 1st (and im terrified)

I was baptized Catholic, but then chose to be  re-baptized Christian along with my husband.

I have an Etsy shop and love creating things....but deathly afraid of failure.

When Im shocked or surprised I say SHUT UP.....some people dont get it.

Im definately a Jersey girl, but hate living in NJ and want to move to SC or FL in the next 5 years.

I didnt go to college ( I went to cosmetology school instead)

I loved going to the Nate show (he was so sweet and adorable)

Think unpainted toes is ugly....I'd rather chipped than none at all.

Hardly ever spell check...I post then read then edit. lol

When Eddie Ross commented me and followed me on Twitter as I do him  I felt like queen for a day.  He is so talented.

I rearrange the furniture or accessories in my rooms at least 3 times a month (I CANT HELP IT PEOPLE)

Oh and yes, I have the right side of my hair shaved and have been known to rock a mohawk like Pink.

PROBABLY MOST KNOWN FOR BEING A DIET PEPSI ADDICT (no seriously...I get headaches and really cranky if I dont have a glass by noon).

WELL FOLKS I THINK I COULD GO ON FOREVER BUT ......that would leave nothing be to blog about next year!

Go on over and visit Ashley my new bff and all the other ladies who want you to get to know them too.

Monday, December 20, 2010


Although this is a lifestyle blog Im not one to give out too much personal information when it comes to my family.  However since I didnt have my blog last year at this time, I thought I would do a post for my husband's birthday today.

He is the man of my dreams for many reasons!   He is a great friend, husband and father.   He is a generous provider for our family.  He supports me in my business as well as coping with my obsessive decorating disorder.lol    He is definately handy around the house and he is my Craigslist pick up man.

 He is also a dedicated American who served his country as a U.S. Marine.  He is a good friend to all who are lucky to call him one.

I would have never imagined the night I met him that we would be where we are today, but I definately knew he was special.   I thank God everyday for sending me my angel!

Here he is as a boy on the island (he will kill me when he sees this. lol)

On our 1st Valentine's Day

The Marine Corps Ball in 2005

Great dad

We were so happy to have him come home to us in 2009

My husband Cpl. Joseph

Big Daddy 

Daddy does bathtime

My love achieving his goals

Out for a friends birthday

Supporting me in my interest in visiting Pearl

Standing up as groomsman for friends wedding

Classic B style

Being there for his little girl (Santa scared her..lol)

Daddy with his girls.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

MICKEY MOUSE CLUBHOUSE BDAY .....Happy 4th Birthday Samayah!

Okay this year we went more low key than the past or even last years Yo Gabba Gabba party...it was just alot 5 days before Christmas.   So this year for my daughter Samayah's 4th bday (TODAY 12/20) we went with her favorite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme.   Enjoy........

Here is the table set for the party (dining room still decorated for Christmas)

Here is the placesetting...black plates connected into Mickey head, handmade headgear and some activity sheets.   The name tags are on top of the yellow cups.  Simple & Easy

Here is a prep photo on the headgear

Supplies for making name tags and food stands

Name tag & Food label in the process

Peanut butter sandwich and 2 cookies in Mickey theme.


The menu was all tiny finger foods perfect for 2-5 yr old fingers.  Here is the tray of Pluto's Pretzel Bites. With dippings sauces of Chocolate, Cinnammon/Sugar & Buttercream...Yummy!

This tray was for Clarabelle's Bagel Bites (they were cooking) lol

Some homemade olive tapenade and crackers

Chips and homemade onion dip

Daddy took a picture of me and our birthday girl 

A rare photo of her with her eyes open.

Birthday cupcakes w Mickey head on top 

The beginning of the cupcake platter

The outer white cupcakes have Oreo mickey heads and the center ones have chocolate frosting and are attached like a pull away cupake cake..

My cupcakes were a big hit...you can tell from Simon's face.

Derrick went with chocolate 

The birthday girl and her baby sister who also had some stylish headgear.

Happy 4th Birthday Samayah !!!!

Im linking up to the following parties:

Since I made everything by hand from construction paper of used everydays supplies


Since all the decorations were made my me...thats Met Monday worthy. lol

Since we have a nice little table here