Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Yes, my bathroom also gets decorated for the seasons and that includes Christmas too.    Its fairly blah in color so I usually use my shower curtain, towels and accessories to brighten it up.

This is what it looked like during its dismantling in the fall.

There are normally rust colored rugs in front of sink and toilet

I had already removed the towels. lol

Shower curtain is from The Great Indoors (now closed)

This is Christmas 2010

Actually my summer shower curtain, but wanted to try blue for Christmas (just not in my main areas)

Shopped the bedroom and grabbed out monogram print I made myself and a candle holder (Home Goods)

Teal towel (Great Indoors), glass jar filled with white sand and mini ornaments in silver, light blue, teal blue

Glass jars (dollar tree) filled with sea glass (dollar tree) and my empty hand napkin holder (looking for coordinating refill)

Do any of you decorate your bathrooms for holidays such as Halloween or Christmas?   Or am I just the obsessive decorator.lol


  1. I usually do a curtain and towels too, but this year just few accessories. I love your curtain and valance, very pretty!

  2. Hey! Thanks for the in depth comment (I am following you back as well...hope to learn more about your situation with asd and your daughter.)

    funny, so many of us creatives have kids with delays? there must be a connection somehow.

    Glad you stumbled across my blog among the 100s of entries from CG's party...funny how that happens, right?



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