Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WIWW- What I Wore Wednesday

I always say better late than never.   Today was a busy day, trying to get kids doctor appointments out of the way before we leave for vacation this weekend.

Here is something I threw together to run my oldest to the ENT doctor today.  

This is me sitting at our backyard bar....I havent finished tiling the top as you can see.

I'm a big fan of this shirt for some reason.

My leggings & sandals and as always my ebony black toenails

I wore my new TRENDSETTER earrings today (white w/ black knitted ball)

Here is me and my oldest Gabriella....isn't she beautiful (i know she's mine but I think she is gorgeous)

My outfit:

shirt - Dots
leggings - XXI
sandals - Burlington
earrings - Mama J Jewels
cotton bangles - Mama J Jewels
sunglasses - Max Rucci


shirt - Charlotte Russe
shorts - modell's (cheer shorts)
sandals - Pretty girl
earrings - Mama J Jewels
sunglasses - Mossimo

To check any of the Mama J Jewels new pieces you can just click on my Etsy gallery to the right in my sidebar!


Ive purchased these stools about 3 years ago from Craigslist (what a surprise)!   They came with nice beige/sand scroll cushions but are being used on the front porch.    

Since we moved here almost 2 years ago now I have been trying to finish our backyard bar.   It's only a section of the handmade L-shaped bar my husband (a.k.a. Big Daddy J) made for us, because we couldn't move the whole thing.

The stools are black iron but all of my outdoor furniture is black (front & back yards) so I needed to dress these up a bit.   I also didn't want to do a cushion because they get soaked and sun bleached.   I didnt want to pack anything up in the winter either.

Here is my little solution at $0.00 cost

My solution was to use a turquoise Pier 1 napkin, cut it into long strips and then weave it through the seat.   I really like the little pop of color without added any extra bulk to the stools.

I used this color because my backyard color scheme is based on a Mexican talavera tile (which you will see in the upcoming bar tiling post) that is red, blue, turquoise,lime,cream,gold.  It is a terracotta tile so I use terracotta pots n platters everywhere too.

The strips were woven over & under and secured at both ends

Closer look...I like the frayed edges!

Here is me at the bar again (dont worry it's Pepsi in that vintage black square glass).....sitting on my dressed up stools.


Friday, August 12, 2011


This will be a quick sneak peak because I'm still working on this piece.   I purchased this from a man on Craigslist and it belonged to his deceased father.  I've always wanted a Hoosier cabinet and I finally found one at a STEAL! (seriously I had to contain myself when he gave me the price)

This is it in its original state, a grey enamel paint covered the whole thing....it ugly.

This is Hoosier now after a nice clean coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Olde White.

I'm considering painted the inset of the top doors to match the Talavera tile I have from Mexico.  The color scheme of our back deck is red,turquoise,blue,green,gold


Furniture Feature Fridays

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Im so happy about this little drive by find I had to share even before I do a makeover on it.   I went to my local Shop Rite which happens to be huge and it has a shopping area surrounding it.  

Well on the corner of the strip of stores is a liquor store....now you can drive behind the stores to get out quickly and avoid traffic and the long light.   So I did this as I usually do with my nephew (17), my daughter (16) and her boyfriend (17) in my van with me.    I spotted something tall and I thought lavender in my mirror....so I asked the kids if they saw something....they said Go around....and my daughter says "Mom just go around because if you dont you'll be talking about it all night".  SO TRUE

So I go around the stores and around the back again, and there she was......................................

Isn't she beautiful

Apparently it was a display stand for a wine called Barefoot Wine

I'm loving these display shelves and thinking they will be great for BBQ's.

She will have to get a new coat of paint to go with the rest of the backyard decor of course (post on that soon enough) But I think she will stay in that spot by the grills so that we can utilize those shelves during entertaining.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Today I took all of my children (yes, all 5) plus my visiting niece and nephew.....and we through in my oldest daughter's boyfriend to make them and even 8. lol

I have worn this dress before but didn't take any photos, so today I wore it a little different but I love the dress and get so many compliments.  I actually won it from fellow blogger Folake from Style Pantry fashion/lifestyle blog.  It's from her shop by the name of WeWe Clothing

This is the Kimmy dress from WeWe Clothing fabric is so yummy and soft Im always grabbing it up.

I always have a wrist full of bangles (guess Ive never let go of my black rubber Madonna days)
The double chain ring is from  Mama J Jewels along with a few of the bracelets.   The beaded bracelet with button closure is from fellow blogger Kelsey and her shop Smitten By A Promise

I love the detail on this dress, it's simple but so beautiful.

Here is the bottom detailing of the dress.   I paired it with my hot pink thong sandals today (I was going to be doing a lot of mall walking with those kids)

Here is a shot of the back strap detail (this is also a rare view of one of my back tattoos..this is my husband's Marine Corp dog tags)

The top of the Kimmy dress is so pretty.  This dress is also available is different colors

Last shot of the day in front of my newly painted Hoosier cabinet on my backyard deck.

Hope you all will go over to WeWe Clothing and see all the beautiful clothing available for adults and children.   You can also follow them on Facebook

Please excuse my squinting but it was extremely hot and sunny here today in Jersey.


Thursday, August 4, 2011


I love letters in general whether is text in a book or dictionary, signs, letters but most of all post cards.   I love postcards and collect them from anystate or place I visit.   Even if it's in New Jersey.

(LIGHTBULB) I think I might request a postcard from all of my fabulous friends and readers here. (haha)

This table is amazing in it's original state, the top was slightly damaged as far as finish.   I could have easily sanded and stained it and it would be great again.    However me being ME.....I wanted to do something different!   I have seen a lot of stenciling of labels on pillows and everything else so I didnt want to go that route.

A POST CARD!!!!   It was the perfect shape, it had border detailing....it was meant to be!   I set out on a step by step process.    I decided since I was on a chalk paint makeover frenzy I would use my Olde White for the base color (again no sanding needed...just paint).

Postmarks are on and text on top done.

I started off with a little Valspar glaze

Then added more to the edges for age

Same here

The is a sideview of the table in my livingroom

This is a sideview of the table with the iron base in my living room.

Close up center & right

Bottom right - con amore (with love)

Final look....I didnt want to right anything personal.   I promised the husband this will be going into the shop!   Let's see if Im able to keep that promise peeps.


Furniture Feature Fridays

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Most of you know that in addition to Lucky 7 Design (etsy shop) I also have another little baby called Mama J Jewels.

I've created various collections in what I call jewelry boxes....each different but always something for everyone!   All items are handmade by myself...I use vintage items as well as new....sometimes mixed together they make fabulous pieces too!

I'm lucky in doing what I do to meet some great creative people with wonderful ideas, such was the case about a week ago.   I met a man who has a site and Facebook page that I want to share with you.

The Trivia Exchange is an awesome idea and I hope all of you will head on over and become a fan.  They host weekly trivia games with fabulous prizes.  It's simple, just be a fan, be ready for the question, answer 1st and you win!   C'mon how easy is that.....fun way to test your brain and then reward yourself with the prize!

Here is the extra fun part...they are sponsoring a $100 giveaway to Mama J Jewels shop.    How cool is that...answer a question and then go shopping at Mama J Jewels!   That's a lot of jewels because you all know I keep my pricing fair and include shipping on most items too!

The giveaway will take place on August 9th, but keep checking in with The Trivia Exchange for updates and clues on how you will win this fabulous giveaway!

I'm hoping to have some of my new collection in the shop for giveaway day.....so that's my extra little surprise for you all!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

WIWW- What I Wore Wednesday

Today was a fun filled day at Chuck E. Cheese with the my kids and niece who has been visiting for the past 2 weeks and doesn't want to go home.

I took alot of pics so I thought I would do a What I Wore Wednesday post this week.    Now keep in mind that this was my 16 month old daughters 1st trip there so I had my active gear on. lol

It was hot in Jersey today and a bit humid too....that's my daughter in the storm door reflection taking this pic

Lightweight green leggings (they are almost like tights/stockings)

XXI top....I love the green birds (that shirt is old...2008)

I love these green Old Navy sandals...they are jelly on the bottom

Mama has got her shades on and really to go, earrings beaded bracelet & ring on right hand by Mama J Jewels for Lucky 7 Design

And here is the girl crew I was traveling with today (missing my 10 yr old who is on vacation w/family) but have added some new girls to the mix.....my niece Brianna and family friend Kaylee

Brianna, Gabriella, Samayah & Kaylee (the baby was in the stroller.lol)

Samayah rockin her bows from Suze at Crown of Bows a.k.a Time Well Spent

Little Buggy had a blast on the slide in her terry cloth TCP dress...(she took out her Bubble Guppie bow from Suze's shop)

My beauties

This is how my day ended at around 7:30....Good Humor man to the rescue.   That is a huge Chocolate Chip Cookie ice cream sandwich i'm munchin on.

My niece is all smiles...she has had a blast here visiting us.


Check back to here news about a $100 credit to my Mama J Jewels shop and also a Chalk Paint contest collaboration with Anne of House of Anne (California's best known Chalk Paint enthusiast)