Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Im so happy about this little drive by find I had to share even before I do a makeover on it.   I went to my local Shop Rite which happens to be huge and it has a shopping area surrounding it.  

Well on the corner of the strip of stores is a liquor store....now you can drive behind the stores to get out quickly and avoid traffic and the long light.   So I did this as I usually do with my nephew (17), my daughter (16) and her boyfriend (17) in my van with me.    I spotted something tall and I thought lavender in my mirror....so I asked the kids if they saw something....they said Go around....and my daughter says "Mom just go around because if you dont you'll be talking about it all night".  SO TRUE

So I go around the stores and around the back again, and there she was......................................

Isn't she beautiful

Apparently it was a display stand for a wine called Barefoot Wine

I'm loving these display shelves and thinking they will be great for BBQ's.

She will have to get a new coat of paint to go with the rest of the backyard decor of course (post on that soon enough) But I think she will stay in that spot by the grills so that we can utilize those shelves during entertaining.



  1. that is too funny. i actually like barefoot wine, but what a super free score!

  2. Shazam! Love it, do you really have to paint it? It's so cute....but I get the decor thing. I just like the footprint :)

  3. Omg...Melanie that's my favorite wine..no joke!


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