Friday, October 8, 2010


Yesterday while driving home on the NJ Turnpike my sis J text me and asks why I didnt tell her that my video was on the Nate Berkus Show.   WHAT???????

Okay so let me rewind for those of you who dont remember or are new to my blog.  On 9/2 I went into NYC with my sis to attend taping of Nate Berkus.  I had a blast and didnt have the same experience as the other bloggers in blogland.   I got front row, talked to him and shook his hand as well as Dolly Parton...I got no complaints. lol

After the show I was contacted and asked If I would submit a video.....ON JUNK DRAWERS.  Hahahah
I jumped at that opportunity because I have a ton of them.   So I did my video and sent it in along with the release paperwork....and that was that.

UNTIL.......yesterdays text.   My sis said it was the 9/24 show with Jamie Lee Curtis.  I WATCHED THAT SHOW, well not all due to the little ones and the fact it was my daughters birthday...but totally missed myself. lol

Thank God for DVR, I went into my recording yesterday and watched it. Ugh...how horrible I look, like such a typical Jersey girl the way I was talking. lol    Hey what can I say.....Im a Jersey Girl!

So if some of you DVR his show you can check out my video in the very beginning of the show and the promo for the show.

That's my OMG moment for the week.

After a request from lovely Wendy of Relatively Unique Im posting the video below.  

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So excited today....I received a package from a giveaway I won.    I loved everything on this girls etsy shop and was so excited to see the set that I won.    She is not only talented but great at marketing herself, her packaging to the actual item was perfect.  Take a look......

This was the little package in my mailbox

How cute is this...check out the cutout paper spiders

Love her business cards

This is what I won...Its a bib & washcloth set

I love the front & back fabric on the bib, so well made and its a snap-up bib to catch the mess. lol

Its so cute..little bugga bugga is gonna be a tiny witch for Halloween so this will be perfect.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


This weekend we attended the wedding of my husband's high school friends Gerilyn & Mahdi.  Theyre high school sweethearts and have been together forever....now it's official.   My husband was a groomsmen and it was perfect weather and a great time.    Here are some pics that I managed to take in all the fun of the day.

Gerilyn & Mahdi during their ceremony...that handsome little dude is their son Derrick & cute Maid of Honor their daughter Tazia

The handsome groomsmen awaiting the beautiful brides entrance

This groomsmen belongs to me. lol

The Ringbearers...they are the cutest, coolest little dudes you'll ever see.

The little men are leading the pack...Matron of Honor & Sister of the Bride Melissa (the cuties on the right are her sons)

The Bride and her dad

A reading from our friend Marisa

The bride and her dad making their way

Mama Sandy and her boy Big B (she's like my husbands mom)

Me and my handsome husband at cocktail hour

A special reading for those who were looking down on us from Heaven. Mother's of the couple are on both sides

The groomsmen posing for their ladies