Tuesday, October 5, 2010


This weekend we attended the wedding of my husband's high school friends Gerilyn & Mahdi.  Theyre high school sweethearts and have been together forever....now it's official.   My husband was a groomsmen and it was perfect weather and a great time.    Here are some pics that I managed to take in all the fun of the day.

Gerilyn & Mahdi during their ceremony...that handsome little dude is their son Derrick & cute Maid of Honor their daughter Tazia

The handsome groomsmen awaiting the beautiful brides entrance

This groomsmen belongs to me. lol

The Ringbearers...they are the cutest, coolest little dudes you'll ever see.

The little men are leading the pack...Matron of Honor & Sister of the Bride Melissa (the cuties on the right are her sons)

The Bride and her dad

A reading from our friend Marisa

The bride and her dad making their way

Mama Sandy and her boy Big B (she's like my husbands mom)

Me and my handsome husband at cocktail hour

A special reading for those who were looking down on us from Heaven. Mother's of the couple are on both sides

The groomsmen posing for their ladies

Mr. & Mrs. Pettus

Handsome groomsmen

Mama Sandy and her boys

Ozzie and his girls (Oz is the man)

Me & Sharyn with our men

The cool reception footwear the groom gifted the groomsmen

My husband and his partner entering the reception

The Wives of the groomsmen with Ozzie

The groom on his kness (no words needed...lol) actually it was garter time.


  1. Looks like a fabulous time Melanie! You and your husband looked gorgeous together!

  2. Such a beautiful wedding. Everyone looks so happy. Love the pic of you and your DH. Congratulations to the newlyweds. Hugs, Marty

  3. oh, what a beautiful wedding. I LOVE your dress, it's so pretty. I love going to weddings, they are so romantic.

  4. how the heck did i just find this now?! lol you are awesome!! xoxox glad you guys had fun :)


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