Friday, June 25, 2010


Okay....so Im on a break from work.  But I had to take a moment and tell you about my find.   I found her from Susan from Between Naps On The Porch (BNOTP).   If you've noticed.....I have a new background/header and even a button!  Her name is Missy and she's from Lilypuff Designs, she is great to work with and I guarantee you will be thrilled with her work.   Click on over and see what great work she does, she offers free backgrounds (which I had) but Im loving this blogging thing so much I decided to be a big girl and get a custom look for my page.  Hope you all like it.......thanks again Missy!

Lily Puff Designs

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Well in my browsing this evening (took a nap earlier, hubs was on child duty...now I cant sleep).  I of course visited Between Naps on the Porch  and found a great giveaway that I just had to enter.  
http://www.pemberleystyle.com is the name of the blog spot....directions for the giveaway are there for you to follow(lots of opportunities for entries). She also has a button on her page for her retail site and OMG...I was so excited.   I found 3 items basically in seconds that Im dying to order.  I hope I win next Tuesday, if not Im still happy I became a follower of her blog and can shop her site anyway (believe me I will).

So go over and visit my new friend and a big thanks to Susan at BNOTP for introducing her to us all.


Well....I've been out of commission for a few days.   Still recovering from the BBQ on Saturday, and not feeling so well.  It's been very hot and humid here in NJ, I know you southern belle's are use to the heat down there but 95 in NJ isnt pretty. lol.     I havent been able to get out and shop (boohoo) so I wasnt able to post anything Monday/Tuesday.  Im not sure I'll have anything for Tablescape Thursday either.  I might just take this week to rest and get myself in order.  

Im also trying to get some items listed in my Etsy shoppe.   I need to take photographs and all that good stuff, I had one before but never used it so I decided to give it a try again.  I will be listing vintage items...like jewelry and possibly some other items.

I wish all of you well this week, and I must say a BIG thanks to Nancy over at :

She had a giveaway from Sally's (A little Scrappy) Etsy shoppe.   And I won!  Woo Hoo!!! I was so happy to have one something from blogland. lol     I had my eye on an item that I said I would want if I won, but now there are so many.   I cant wait to finally pick my item and wait for it to come in the mail.   Sally has some adorable little items in her shop and Nancy used some in her last tablescape which I LOVED.   It has birds and cloches with ribbons and feathers.   Too much is never enough and she ALWAYS has great dishes of course!    So click on over and check Nancy out and dont forget to visit Sally on Etsy (A little Scrappy).

See you all next week, hopefully I'll be refreshed and ready to go.

Thursday, June 17, 2010




1 [tah-pah]
–noun Usually, tapas.
(esp. in Spain) a snack or appetizer, typically served with wine or beer.

Okay I had a really hectic day and I'm not feeling well at all.  But I wanted to try and stick to the new weekly blog schedule I started.  Soooooo today is THURSDAY TAPAS, so I just threw together an all time favorite that my girlfriend and I nibble on whenever we get together.  FRESH MOZZARELLA &TOMATO...drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with salt/pepper.   I make it for my husband too for a light lunch and a somewhat healthy choice (tomatoes aren't bad for you....cant say that fresh mozzarella is the best choice but its not as bad as a Big Mac. (lol)  To accompany this was another favorite.   A warm loaf of baguette bread, cut and brushed with olive oil then slightly toasted.  Atop of the slices I place thinly sliced proscuitto and freshly ground pepper.  Unfortunately I apparently deleted from the camera and didnt realize it . Hope you come back next week for another dish.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


This tablescape is in honor of my U.S. Marine husband who just recently graduated the police academy. I decided to keep the patriotic theme going for Memorial Day, Flag Day and until we have his BBQ this Saturday (i'll post some of those pics next week).   I kept it simple but still think I might add a few items here and there.


I had some internet issues yesterday so I missed you all.   Well today is What's Up Wedsnesday. 
What's up for me today is my husband's graduation from the police academy.  It was a busy day, me trying to get the house ready for a surprise bbq on Saturday.   Then tonight we had the graduation, came home had some ice cream and everyone hit the rack. lol    It was an exhausting day, but all so worth it.  So very very proud of him and all the recruits that graduated along side him.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


 I haven't been to Marshall's in forever but since Ive been on a dish hunt lately I decided to make a stop.  I use to shop there alot for house stuff. Well less than 5 seconds in the store and of course i'm in the CLEARANCE section and I spot the HUGE glass vase (about 20inches)...its on the top shelf and I think wow that's nice wonder how much. So I take a look from underneath the glass shelf and there is a big red tag with $3.00 on it.  I was like OMG...I actually looked around as if I had discovered something and didn't want anyone to see it. lol    I reached up and slowly took it down, checked it out and then realized there was an apothecary top next to it.  IT COULDNT BE......did I find an apothecary jar of this size and condition for $3.00!   So I now need a cart for my treasure, then I head over an aisle to the dish section of the clearance area.  There I find these wonderful dishes..a nice selection to chose from so I had to think about what I had in mind.  I decided on 2 of these wonderful Portuguese Majolica style plates....Ive been watching some on ebay and figured these would be perfect dinner plate to the dessert ones I have in mind.  When I flip for the price....$2.00, i'm like in heaven now.  So I keep looking and I find thESE white weathered looking plates...they also come in a golden color but I have so many from my tuscan dining room in my old home.  So I decide on 2 dessert plates and these are marked $1.00.   At this point, i'm estatic with all my finds and decide to quit while i'm WAY AHEAD.   However on my way to the register, I spot a lovely aged pale turquoise stone candleholder.  It was also $3.00 and probably weighed about 3 lbs....it was very heavy.    Below you will see photos of my fabulous finds at Marshall's and hopefully soon I will post their final resting places.


Soooooooo I moved in December to our new home which is technically a waterfront town. lol  They hold a waterfront festival in our specific part of the township, so my husband and I set out with the 2 youngest.  They are 3months old and 3 1/2 years old.   Unfortunately it wasnt as grand an event as I hoped, very much on the small scale.  We did however grab some BBQ and some fresh french fries for me and Maya (she loves her some fries).   Here are a few pics from our day.....im looking forward to our July 4th Festival which is a bigger deal.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Well I changed things around a little and decided not to use my new ebay bird plates (they finally arrived) because they are very large for dessert plates.  So I added some apothecary jars that I just purchased this week from one of my favorite stores HOME GOODS for $9.99 (still need to fill them with more goodies I think)  And I need to add some birdies...I couldnt find the ones I originally saw at the store this week.  I didnt use placemats or put out flatware...this is a very casual tablescape. This is a birds eye view (pssst...pretend you dont see my daughters sneakers under the table...lol)


Since Ive been so inspired to start creating tablescapes for postings,  I have been shopping a wee bit much lately...(shhhh dont tell Big Daddy)  So I thought I would create a weekly post to share my finds for that week, unless of course they make it to their own special posting first.    I think it'll be known as FRIDAY FINDS.....hopefully no one out there in blogland has that name coined already.  So here is a trip to one of my favorite stores DOLLAR TREE (unusual I know) but their inventory has gotten so good in the past year.  To be honest I have gotten alot of basic tableware items there along with tons of other items in my home like frames,hand towels and just other cute items I pick up there almost on a weekly basis.  Well this lovely little lot of tableware was discovered at a Dollar Tree that was on my travels during work (im on the road all the time)  

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Okay so I've always loved PIER 1....but haven't been there in awhile since I had the baby.   But today my little bug and I went shopping together!   I carried her through the store and showed her all the lovely SALE items! Gotta start her early, she is the youngest of 5 so more for your money is the motto I try to teach them.   I didnt have anything specific in mind just wanted to browse and see what table top items I could find.  So here is what I came up with......all these items totaled a big ol' $16.65 with NJ tax!!!

I just purchased 4 panels of fabulous purple/gold/black curtains from a woman on craigslist (Hi Chastidy).  She had a beautiful home (I coulda spent the whole day there just coming up with ideas for decorating). Went to pick up curtains and we talked for almost an hour and she showed me her home and her Memorial Day tablescape!   I got the 4 panels for 30.00 so now Im gathering some purple items so in the winter/holiday season I can do a purple/gold theme in my dining room.   So that pile of purple are napkins for a wonderful tablescape im planning (a little early I know but I like to add on and adjust so I allow time for that).   Here's a pic of the curtain fabric...its delicious!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Hello All,  well I received a package from FedEx today!  It wasnt my bird plates from ebay (boooo) however it was these little darling saucers I ordered from goodwill online (can you believe it).  I had no idea goodwill had an online auction.  Its just like ebay, you bid and you wait.....and in this case I won.  These little sweet green saucers came from Indiana and there just another step to my first posted tablescape.  I hope the finished product will be as great as it is in my head. 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Baby it's cold outside.

Well since I'm still waiting on my ebay bird dishes I thought I would share some of the rooms in my home with you.   Its unusually cool today for a June day in NJ so lets go to the beach.  I'll share with you my guest bathroom downstairs by the man cave/family room level.   Keep in mind that i just moved from my home of 8 years into this home as a rental with the hopes of buying next year.  So alot of things cant be altered as much as I might want to. lol   We live about 2 blocks from what they call here in Jersey (the waterfront) so I decided to go with a coastal/beachy vibe in the bathroom.  Hope you like, im sure it'll change here and there.  You dont know me yet but I get bored very easy and change things around almost weekly..haha

Monday, June 7, 2010


I must tell you that this tablescape was inspired by Susan's (Between Naps on the Porch) tablescape on her blog.  I thought to myself...i have some items like that and minutes later my husband walks in the house from mowing the front lawn and hands me a Robin's egg!   He found it under the pine tree we have out front....so I thought to myself Birds it is!    I purchased that birdhouse over 8 years ago in NC roadside shop on my way back from Florida.  The bird, moss and twisted wreath are all from Dollar tree (love that store).   Im am still awaiting the arrival of this adorable set of plates I purchased off ebay last week.  I will post the pictures of the table once completed..but I figured you can follow me along the process.



Hello everyone!  Well this isn't exactly how I wanted my first post to start. lol    Today is Monday and I was so sick yesterday with flu that today is a recovery day.     But.....due to the fact that I have 5 children and a husband that means its also clean up day!    I started a basic tablescape over the weekend but Im awaiting the arrival of dishes that I ordered from ebay to complete it and maybe a tablecloth as well.    Ive become totally addicted to Between Naps on the porch and The Tablescaper's blogs and have discovered a whole word of bloggers that Ive realized have the same passion as me!!   I hope to be able to start posting my blogs and pictures soon....hope you come back and visit!