Sunday, June 13, 2010


 I haven't been to Marshall's in forever but since Ive been on a dish hunt lately I decided to make a stop.  I use to shop there alot for house stuff. Well less than 5 seconds in the store and of course i'm in the CLEARANCE section and I spot the HUGE glass vase (about 20inches)...its on the top shelf and I think wow that's nice wonder how much. So I take a look from underneath the glass shelf and there is a big red tag with $3.00 on it.  I was like OMG...I actually looked around as if I had discovered something and didn't want anyone to see it. lol    I reached up and slowly took it down, checked it out and then realized there was an apothecary top next to it.  IT COULDNT BE......did I find an apothecary jar of this size and condition for $3.00!   So I now need a cart for my treasure, then I head over an aisle to the dish section of the clearance area.  There I find these wonderful dishes..a nice selection to chose from so I had to think about what I had in mind.  I decided on 2 of these wonderful Portuguese Majolica style plates....Ive been watching some on ebay and figured these would be perfect dinner plate to the dessert ones I have in mind.  When I flip for the price....$2.00, i'm like in heaven now.  So I keep looking and I find thESE white weathered looking plates...they also come in a golden color but I have so many from my tuscan dining room in my old home.  So I decide on 2 dessert plates and these are marked $1.00.   At this point, i'm estatic with all my finds and decide to quit while i'm WAY AHEAD.   However on my way to the register, I spot a lovely aged pale turquoise stone candleholder.  It was also $3.00 and probably weighed about 3 lbs....it was very heavy.    Below you will see photos of my fabulous finds at Marshall's and hopefully soon I will post their final resting places.


  1. Hello There~ You got some amazing steals, really amaing, love your finds.

    I am so so flattered that you want to make that garland for your hubbys bbq graduating police acadamy party. To make it in honor of him and what he does to serve us is so flattering. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I can't wait to see it. I love comments like yours, that is why I share my creations. Hugs, Jenn p.s. my hubby went to the police acadamy and is a Deputy for S. Utah. ;)

  2. WOW! You really found some awesome deals. I adore the jar and the pretty dishes too! I love to shop at Marshalls as well. Fun!

    Thanks for coming by sweet friend.
    ~Melissa :)


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