Friday, June 11, 2010


Since Ive been so inspired to start creating tablescapes for postings,  I have been shopping a wee bit much lately...(shhhh dont tell Big Daddy)  So I thought I would create a weekly post to share my finds for that week, unless of course they make it to their own special posting first.    I think it'll be known as FRIDAY FINDS.....hopefully no one out there in blogland has that name coined already.  So here is a trip to one of my favorite stores DOLLAR TREE (unusual I know) but their inventory has gotten so good in the past year.  To be honest I have gotten alot of basic tableware items there along with tons of other items in my home like frames,hand towels and just other cute items I pick up there almost on a weekly basis.  Well this lovely little lot of tableware was discovered at a Dollar Tree that was on my travels during work (im on the road all the time)  
I went to just pick up 3 extra black bowls for a tablescape I have in mind,but as always I went down the dish aisle and I was a kid in a candy store. Dishes are my candy...as long as I can find a pair they're coming home with me.  So I purchased pairs of some cute patterns that I think I will use maybe for intimate tablescapes.

Keep in mind.....Im the mother of 5 children so as I said in a prior post.  I need to get the most for my $, so if that means that I buy my candy (dishes) mostly on CLEARANCE/SALE or at Dollar tree then so be it.  As long as when Im sitting at my fabulously set table with my family and friends everyone is enjoying them.

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  1. I am a dollar tree queen, I love it, around different holidays, they have the best stuff!


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