Friday, June 18, 2010


I found this painting at a local discount store by the name Jembro's. I know they are common to NJ don't know about anywhere else.   But its a canvas painting of a wooden frame, of course I realize its mass produced but its looks so authentic.   My kitchen is done in a rustic italian style with roosters, lemon tree, iron accents and pottery.  So for me this painting was perfect, and it was only $16.99!!! You cant get a better deal than that its 24 x 36....c'mon where can you find a painting that size that actually looks realistic.

I also added the pictures of the space where the painting was purchased.  I have it featured on my HGTV Rate My Space page  http://www.roomzaar.com/rate-my-space/Kitchens/BELLA-CUCINA/detail.esi?oid=16526339   Its a nook area in my kitchen that to the left has a staircase up to my childrens bedrooms (I call it the kids wing).  Not a place mommy likes to visit....4 children + 3 nice size bedrooms = a mess!  lol  The nursery is downstairs next to master bedroom.

To the right of the painting is our family message center.  Everyone including my husband and myself have a clipboard that we use for invitations, school papers, coupons or whatever we need to remember and have access to.   There are only 6 in the picture, but I have since added one for our new baby girl...she has a coloring book page with the #5 (and she is )on it that my 3 yr old made in school.

I highly recommend this, its keeps the children and yourself organized.  Being the mother of 5 and ruler of 7, I need to be as organized as possible.

Hope you like my little piece of Italy.


  1. I love that PAINTING with the great lemmon tree. The organized nook is such a great idea too... love that! Happy Friday~ Jenn

  2. Hi, I stopped over from TT and saw your great deal on the picture. I love it too it's beautiful! It's nice to have you join all of us on TT. See you again soon.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~


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