Thursday, May 30, 2013

KID'S PARTIES..............

My sister Jenn is great at throwing parties, this was my niece's 10th birthday last month (Im late I know).  It was Candy Theme...

My sister with the help of her sister Kristen (yes we are a trio of half sisters...lol) created a back drop photo area complete with handmade props.   Including this awesome Polaroid piece (love this and so copied it as soon as I got home)

My 2 littles and their bday cousin....I wasn't the main one shooting photos, I was in the background...so you can see the girls holding the prop. lol

Now that's a sweet Candy Buffet

They took her dining room buffet and filled it with faux mushrooms made with candies...candy sundaes, LOVE the dot candy.

The sister crew....Myself, Jenn and Kristen

Awesome craft....build structures with marshmallows and toothpicks.  This keeps them busy for a decent amount of time and they love it and get creative and competitive too.

My daughter and her cuz drawing the candyland walkway in the driveway

Awesome candy cutouts created by Kristin

Kristin's niece made these awesome Candy Sundaes...yep complete with Candy Kabobs...

So this shows that bday parties at home can be fun, unique and done up too!   The trick is to use your creativity and go crazy with your theme.


Friday, May 17, 2013


            Well it's Friday isn't it......end of the work week and let the weekend festivities begin!!!!!

Here is a little something Im working on for an upcoming fun double girls birthday!   Working on a few of these bright banners with fabric from the fabulous Walmart...yep gotta love my Walmart fabric stash.

This striped fabric is awesome, it has light pink, hot pink, yellow and lime green and red too!   I need to go grab some more because that color palette has given me tons of ideas already.

Happy Friday and Have a Great Weekend!


Tuesday, May 14, 2013


The beauty of a weddings sometimes lies within the small details that make the overall Big Day special.

Re-purposed pieces add great history to an event too. Vintage luggage, old sheet music, wood hangers,moss
(Lucky 7 Design)

Fabric from a dress and feathers add a romantic touch  to a boutonniere
 (Femme Fatale Florals for Lucky 7 Design)

Re-purposed ornate gold frames get moss covering along with some twine and clothespins (these were created by Catherine Scerbo Events with Lucky 7 Design moss frames)

Themed cookies are a great take home favor or an even better addition to Sweets Table.
(Oky's Cookies for Lucky 7 Design)

This centerpiece/tablemarker is easily created with flowers from garden, ball jar and 8x10 chalkboard.  (Lucky 7 Design)

This vignette is great for a fall wedding, preserved leaves, painted ball jar, citronella candle in terra cotta pot 
(Lucky 7 Design)

Another sweet centerpiece/table marker easily created with fresh garden cuts, painted ball jar, vintage lace handmade wood table number block, all sitting on a mirror frame.   (Lucky 7 Design)

Details don't have to be elaborate and expensive, they need to be well thought out and represent the whole feeling of the couple and the wedding itself.


Saturday, May 11, 2013


Wishing a Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there.   

 Sharing a flower cupcake cake my daughter made for her sweet company Skulls N Sweets.


Friday, May 10, 2013


MAY 10TH ....is now officially Military Spouse Appreciation Day. 

  As a military wife myself who has been through a deployment alone with 4 children IN 2009. I don't think people understand what you go through.

Yes there are single parents out there, and yes I was one of them before I met my Marine too.  It isn't the same, your other half is somewhere else in the world fighting for hi/her life and their country's freedom.  

Sometimes they are stateside and you do get to see them, but living life on a military base isn't the same either.  You are away from family, you have to create a new set of friends, it's like going to a new high school.   Sometimes you have to be relocated to another state or even a country.

So I want to take this time to give a BIG SHOUTOUT...to all the military spouses out there holding it down.   This goes for the husband's too, because this is the U.S.A and we have brave women in the military too who are wives and mothers as well.

Thank you to our President Barack Obama and our fabulous First Lady Michelle Obama for showing amazing support to our military families.



Friday, May 3, 2013


It has truly been a crazy past 2 months for Lucky 7 Design.     After the shop closing, I took some time with the family.  

Then I got down deep and really decided that my focus should be in the wedding/event props.  So the new website is still under construction (im picky..lol)   Photoshoots are happening and hopefully a new warehouse showroom soon.    Etsy shop will be the only retail shop at the moment.

 I have been working with a fabulous event planner here in NJ, who is very talented and she and I share a lot of the same visions for design and events.  We are planning some great things for this year.

Im also working with a local venue and doing some freelance work as well.  It's crazy but I can't complain....the best part is standing back and watching people enjoy something you have created.

So today, just stopping in before my crazy weekend to say hi and wondering what is behind the next door I open.......