Thursday, May 30, 2013

KID'S PARTIES..............

My sister Jenn is great at throwing parties, this was my niece's 10th birthday last month (Im late I know).  It was Candy Theme...

My sister with the help of her sister Kristen (yes we are a trio of half sisters...lol) created a back drop photo area complete with handmade props.   Including this awesome Polaroid piece (love this and so copied it as soon as I got home)

My 2 littles and their bday cousin....I wasn't the main one shooting photos, I was in the background...so you can see the girls holding the prop. lol

Now that's a sweet Candy Buffet

They took her dining room buffet and filled it with faux mushrooms made with candies...candy sundaes, LOVE the dot candy.

The sister crew....Myself, Jenn and Kristen

Awesome craft....build structures with marshmallows and toothpicks.  This keeps them busy for a decent amount of time and they love it and get creative and competitive too.

My daughter and her cuz drawing the candyland walkway in the driveway

Awesome candy cutouts created by Kristin

Kristin's niece made these awesome Candy Sundaes...yep complete with Candy Kabobs...

So this shows that bday parties at home can be fun, unique and done up too!   The trick is to use your creativity and go crazy with your theme.



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