Friday, December 21, 2012


What a difference one day can make.....yesterday was my daughter's birthday and today is the 1 year anniversary of my father's passing.    Can't believe it has been a year already, still miss him just as much as I did the day my brother called me.   Not much to say....I'll share the poem I chose for the back of his mass card...which just so happened to be the same one my stepbrother Billy chose as well.   It was a sign it was meant to be for him.

God saw he was getting tired
And a cure was not to be
So He put His arms around him
And whispered, "Come with Me."

With tearful eyes we watched
him suffer

And saw him fade away
Although we loved him dearly,
We could not make him stay.

A golden heart stopped beating,

Hard working hands to rest.

God broke our hearts to prove to us
He only takes the best.




Thursday, December 20, 2012


Today is an extra special day.............my beautiful Samayah Rae was born as I type this post at 8:36 a.m.   Here are some photos that we took this morning, she was so excited to wear a new outfit from Forever 21 girls and to have her nails painted green (her favorite color) just like mama.

Also she wore her green party hat to school and her geek glam glasses.....I was so proud of her and her sense of style.   Im feeling especially blessed today to have my little angel with me.

Looking at big sis's camera

Emerald Green Nails

Stretched leg pose...lol

Love you Samayah Rae...Happy 6th Birthday!!


Friday, December 14, 2012




Thursday, December 13, 2012


Well the past few months have been crazy.   After the summer, I started to get alot more work in the vintage prop and wedding area so I decided to close the retail location and focus on that aspect of my business.

Shop is officially closed and just as God has planned, things happen for a reason.   We recently looked into a property and are hoping to close soon.  Im excited as to all it has to offer and the life that my husband and I have been wanting and just looking outside of NJ for it.

I have my faith that it will all work out, but I don't want to share too much about it other than a few pics of the projects waiting for me.    I can't even lie and say that Im not totally excited about having a whole house to redesign...paint chips have been making me dizzy for days. lol

This is the upstairs hallway landing, with the guest bath entrance...im not use to having a space at the top of the steps so this will be interesting.   There is also a closet on the right so obviously I will have to be creative and think thin/slim.   Wall color will go darker and all trim white with a surprise on the doors.

This is half of the deck (say what???..yes and Ive always wanted one of those automatic shade awnings!)   The deck needs sanding and Im thinking of doing it the floor greay and the railings/bench white.   I am not a fan or that rust colored stain on decks. Yuck!    

Check out the size of that yard...yep that farm fence in the background is the property line..it's approx 3 acres of green heaven!

Here is part of the basement....which has already been claimed by Big Daddy which is fine with me because I get a free entry pass.   My huge laundry room is the door on the left and I can't wait to organize that baby up to function for this family of 7. 
 The kiddos on the other hand will get a smaller game room through that door on the right. hahaha     Of course all the paneling will go...I am a 70s baby but I dont want to relive them everyday. 

This is the dining room right off the kitchen....I will be painting walls and trim...not liking the chair rail but it might be something new for me to work with.   Carpeting has got to go, that never made sense to me...carpeting where you eat.   Especially not with my 2 year old and her eating habits..messy girl.  Brass chandelier might be removed for a vintage one I have in my stash.   This one will be painted and go in my tween's room.

This is one section of the kitchen....kinda love the large black fridge.  I have had stainless for the past 10 years and hate all the fingerprints...I had been thinking of doing chalkboard but this comes with the house so Black it is.    Cabinets and walls painted...floors replaced with tile most likely.   The little penisula is so disturbing to me and Im removing it.   But I have learned that it is a really popular kitchen layout threw IG and blogs.   It is even showcased on the Benjamin Moore website...ugh it feels so small to me.  I want an island instead.    This whole wall might come down if I get my way...hmmmm anyone wanna make bets?

Well that's all folks...keep ya posted!

- MJ

Monday, December 10, 2012


Im not feeling well today, but wanted to share a Pinterest board I started.  I was so excited when Pantone announced the 2013 color would be Emerald.

Green is my favorite color (besides black...lol) but Emerald is the best shade of all.   Hope you enjoy and be sure to check back and see some more additions.


- MJ

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

WHAT'S GOING ON????????????

Well I've been getting asked that question a lot the past few weeks..................

Not to worry, no horrific news.

After much thought, I decided that I did not have the time needed to dedicate to the shop.   I had gotten some wonderful projects out of the shop.   And in the summer started to get a lot of requests for event work...some banquet work and also some residential makeovers.

This sparked a fire and a trail that I have been waiting to blaze for awhile now.

Wedding and Event Planning was something I have done in the past and Im all about planning parties anytime.   So in order for me to do this the right way and the only way I know how is to go full force.

I closed the shop this week and now working on a warehouse location for my prop collection and other pieces.   The Etsy shop is still going strong and that will remain the same with continued additions.

A new website is in the works that will be host to all social media pages for Lucky 7 Design as well as a designated inventory for other planners, photographers and vintage lovers to choose from for their events or possibly for purchase.

I will also get back to my blog that I loved so much long ago, but have neglected since opening the shop.   I will be sharing new projects, sourcing product and sharing my finds from my favorite companies.



This is not goodbye it's my "take care.....see ya soon"

- MJ

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Our yearly tradition is to go pumpkin pickin at Von Thuns Farm in NJ...it's a great family place with tons of fun fall activities and yummy homemade treats.  In business since 1913.

They had pony rides..the lil girls all went on.  This is Buggy on her very 1st pony ride....she didn't shed a tear.  I may have a lil farmgirl on my hands.

This is the coolest thing.... shooting mini pumpkins out of a cannon!  

This is what I chose this year to pick....I always do a pumpkin and this just looked like it needed to come home with me.   Everyone kept asking, Hey where did you get that...is that a pear?  LOL...I told them it was in the gourd section of the patch.

Duck racing....you know I was checking out the galvanized piece the whole time...lol

This was the one casualty of the day......Maya was stung on the chin by a bee.   They have a bee farm and homemade honey so I guess it was to bee (lol) expected.  She wasn't happy and screamed, thankfully she is allergic and we stayed and enjoyed the rest of the day.

Me and my family....blessed to have them.   Finally a picture with all of us in it...including me!

Anyone interested in visiting this family working farm...you can find them HERE


Thursday, October 18, 2012


Lucky 7 Design will now offer full Wedding/Event Services at the shop............

My Vintage Prop Rental Collection will be available and on display as well as floral designs, invitations, signs, favors, makeup and photography.  All of these areas will of course offer my love of vintage and green design to those who chose it.

Im excited to be collaborating with some amazing artists and excited to grow our businesses and share some unique ideas.    I opened my 1st business in 1999 which was an Event Planning/Party Favor Business called Your Favor It Co.  (lol..gotta love the name).    I loved working with brides and couples making their dream day possible.   Kids parties were always fun and since Im now the mom of 5 Im quite the expert... I think.  Im combining my love of vintage/recycled decor and event styling into one happy home at 76 Main Street, Woodbridge, NJ

I have closed off the back of the shop to the customers and have been setting up themed vignettes all week, Im happy with the way things are progressing but wish I could make it happen faster.

Check back here or on my Facebook Page to see the progress Sneak Peeks.

- MJ

Monday, September 24, 2012


Today is a bittersweet day for me....it is the day that the baby we were expecting but lost earlier this year was due.    But I can't be disappointed because I have another birthday to celebrate.

The birthday of my 1st born, Gabriella Renee is 18 today!   Wow, who thought I would survive to see this day.  HAHA

She is a beautiful girl, with talent, style and a seriously strong personality (hmmm wonder where she gets that from)  Also a great big sister (at times..lol)

Just wanted to take a moment to wish her a HAPPY 18TH BEAUTIFUL GIRL.....hope you have a wonderful day and surround yourself with people who love and care for you as much as I do!

You are a ...good friend

You are.......a trendsetter.

You are..............beautiful!

You are............a high school graduate!

You are............our girl!

You are..........loved by your brother and sisters!

Remember your family is always here for you and loves you no matter what!!!!

- Mama

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Ive been quick busy since my last post ......things are great at the shop and this weekend we had our street fair.   So I thought I would share some of the pics of my area on the street in front of the shop.

Me and my girls in our space.

I got apples....fresh candy and caramel apples in the shop

Some fall home accents and accessories

My new display area for the apples

Handmade, soy candles, pumpkins and some vintage housewares.

It was a great day and I just love when my town has these events.   Being on Main Street is such a great spot to me....front and center for all of the community fun.

- MJ

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Im a born and raised Jersey Girl without a doubt, but that doesn't mean I don't love the country life.   I live in Central Jersey, 20 minutes from Major Airport of NJ and have 2 shopping malls 10 minutes from my house. My town of Woodbridge, New Jersey is a central location for almost all major highways in the state and we are the famous Exit 11 on the New Jersey Turnpike.

However I am also the mother of 5, who this year opened a little recycled art/vintage finds shop in my hometown on yes.....you guessed it Main Street.    I say hi to all the shopowners and people walking by, cause thats just my nature.     I give things to local businesses because I want to have a connection with them as business owners and to support one another.

My town is very supportive of small businesses, they are supportive of the Arts and are extremely focused on a GREENABLE lifestyle.   We even have a GREENABLE MUSEUM in our local mall that showcases some of the best ideas, concepts and projects Ive seen.

We hold amazing events, parades, craft shows, free concerts and something that has become a favorite of mine The Farmer's Market.    The location has changed to a little historic property in town and has been combined with the Summer Free Concerts and I have to say that it has been an amazing summer.

I have gained a ton of new friends in town and discovered so many artistic talented individuals who have also become part of my Lucky 7 Design family.  

Tonight while at the market, the band playing was a cover band of Fleetwood Mac and I was surrounded my people who were out to enjoy the evening.   I had a few of my vendors there as well and it was just a wonderful night.

I wanted to share with you a collection of photos that I have taken of the market the past few weeks so you can see that you really can live the simple country life even in the middle of all the hustle and bustle.   Planes...Trains and Automobiles are a daily visual around here, put tonight just sitting on my old wooden rattan chair surrounded by everyone under the big trees appreciating the end of summer was a blast.

I hope you all have a town like mine, and if you don't be the one to do something about it.   I will say that I will be the big mouth in town, I want parades, events, I want people to get out and enjoy everything the town has to offer.   I want our Main Street to be a destination for friends to gather, families to walk around, couples to dine out and to share in a connection of small business and small town life in the big city.

My daughter watching/listening to the sound check of Delta Rae

One of my 1st tables at the market

Stylish woman at the market, that I had to photograph

My 1st chalkboard sign for the market

My 2nd table at the market

My issues of FOLK magazine come with me and people love them

Some jewelry and photography on display from my shop

Fresh peaches from the Farmer (local farmer located in Hillsborough NJ)

Fresh  Apple Pies I brought along with handmade soy candles one week

Intro of my new Teenage designer at the shop...

My revamped sign for the market

This table was focused on jewelry and accessories

My muse rocking recycled jewelry

Peppers at the market...

Beautiful sunflowers

This weeks table...theme was recycled jewelry and dessert candles

We have a few more weeks to go and I will be sharing more of next week's End Of Summer table along with the upcoming Fall/Harvest themes I'll be bringing to the market.

- MJ

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Here is a quick peek at what Ive been working on ..........

   July 28 - 29th
Lucky 7 Design
76 Main Street
Woodbridge, NJ 07095

Hope to see you all there..


Monday, July 9, 2012


Hey everyone....I see you!

It's been awhile since Ive posted, it's been such a busy time with my daughter's prom, then graduation and then my husband and his new job.

The shop is crazy busy and Im always trying to do new displays and traveling around town to local events to get the word out about a new cool shop in town.

Just wanted to stop in and tell you .................................I see you!

         Oh yeah........I decided to dye my hair back!    Fade to Black

                                                      - MJ