Monday, January 31, 2011


Today was a big day for me and my sis Jenn.   Weeks ago we were hand selected to be on The Mommy Bloggers Team for Haddad Brands ( Levi's, Nike, Jordan, Nike Team, 6.0).   As you all know from my last post and my Tweets and FB status' since then I was over the moon with excitement.

Well let's just say that Carrie Bradshaw isn't the only woman who can have fun in this city....with all the miserable traffic commuting  it was all worth it in so many ways.   Fun wouldn't do it justice!

Upon arriving at Haddad we have a nice brunch and meet & greet with fellow mommy & 1 daddy blogger from the area.    We were introduced to the President of Haddad Brands Sam Haddad and he was very enthusiastic about our feedback (love that from an apparel company).

We were then introduced to the EVP of each brand and given the tour of all showrooms.    It was amazing, I've shopped these brands for years and found out today they made items I didn't know about.    The window displays were amazing and each showroom had it's own cool vibe.

I want to give you a little taste here but I invite you all to join me on my new sister blog MAMA J AND HER FASHIONISTAS http://mamajandherfashionistas.blogspot.com/.   For those of you with little ones or big ones....children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews  it will all be a fun time.  

Welcome Sign for Mommy Blogger Team

Haddad Brands entrance

Nike window display

Levi's window display

Nike 6.0 window display

Graphic tee workshop window display

Jordan accessory showroom window display

The Jordan Showroom....MJ

Team in the Jordan showroom with EVP of Nike

My sister Jenn far left taking pics along with other bloggers

MJ (Melanie Joseph) with the original MJ (Michael Jordan) 

Mama J w/ Gay NYC Dad Mitch my fellow team mate.

The Haddad Brands Mommy Bloggers Team

Official Haddad Brands Mommy Blogger....

Friday, January 28, 2011


Well I've been so excited this month because I've been chosen to participate in a  great project.   Im going  to New York City for a Mommy Bloggers Brunch.....yep look out NYC here I come.  Rain, sleet, snow I'm like the U.S. Postal Service I will get there.    My sister is also on the team...you can check out her blog at http://pinkybrowninc.blogspot.com/

Our host is Haddad Brands...if that doesn't sound familiar let me bring you up to speed.....  Nike, Levi's, 6.0, Jordan (now your saying ahhhhhhhh).

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Well I had a decent bday up until around 5 p.m. when we just finished having 2 Birthday Cakes that Big Daddy brought home for me today!  One was Red Velvet  the other Italian Canoli cake.....YUM YUM!

I also received a Nikon camera to take better pics..lol   and my daughters gave me vanilla cream candles. Another YUM.

Okay so as clean up begins the 4-10-12 yr olds went downstairs to play the Wii and we hear the 4 years start to cry loudly she comes upstairs and she was hurt.   I checked her out and without personal details....lets just say there was blood and I started to cry and my husband was scared.

We put on her coat, shoes and off we went to the ER.....now those of you who follow me on Twitter or FB might have seen a few angry messages.   I was pretty upset that a 4 yr old with internal bleeding has to wait over 1 hour to be seen and a teenager with a stomach ache goes ahead of her.  There was also a set of twin newborns who were very ill so I didnt say a word because obviously they were a more serious situation.   Still scary to sit and wait and not know what injuries your child might have.

Anywhooooo...the doctor checked her out eventually with some help from me and Big Daddy J.  Very scary to have a strange doctor trying to check you out when your 4.   .The outcome is that she has a bruise & abrasion to the area and needs to be on limited activities so it will heel.  Also to prevent infection I must clean her many times a day and apply ointment.   They said it should heel but the next time she says " Mama I gotta go Peeps"....might not be a pleasant experience as usual.

So Im taking a few days off peeps....I'll be back Tuesday with some fabulous new from an event Im attending on Monday.   I have a post already saved and ready to go for Sunday nights announcement.

CAN I GET A RE-DO ON MY BIRTHDAY THIS YEAR.....ER is not where I was hoping to spend most of my night! lol

Monday, January 24, 2011


Okay so at this very moment 39 years ago I was born in a town near the Hudson River!   Yep peeps its my party and I 'll cry if I want to..... you would cry too if you knew what I knew!  

Just kidding I'm in a silly mood...it's after 2:00 a.m, the kids and Big Daddy J are all fast asleep and I'm searching the internet. LOL   I'm not at all disappointed turning 39 knowing the next step is the Big 40.  I'm comfortable in my own shoes but this year I'm gonna shake things up a bit.  

With my glass of Diet Pepsi and my cell phone Im having my own little party.   I've had a bit of insomnia lately so   my laptop winds me down for bed.   Searching for new clothes, shoes for myself and my post-baby body. lol     Checking out new bloggy buddies and doing some blog stalking!

Just want to say that this will be an amazing here for me.   The power of positive thinking and visualization!  But most of all prayer.....I believe he has a plan and I will pay more attention to the signs this year.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.....I know that I will do my best to enjoy it too!


I saw a post on my bff from BeadsButtonBubbles http://beadsbuttonsbubbles.blogspot.com/ blog and went to the source which is Homemaker on a Dime http://www.homemakeronadime.com/.

                    It's A Fabulous Party!  

A "Swap Followings Linky Party"  its open every Monday and you basically are linking up to meet new bloggers and gain new followers.    IN EXCHANGE.....for you to return the favor and follow them.

I'm the type of blogger that if you took the time to follow me, I will of course return the favor.   I follow people who don't follow my blog.   But if someone new comes over and visits and comments then follows me...I think it only the right thing to do for me as a person to follow them as well.

I have met some great people in blogland and I have met those out for self promotion only and will only comment their click of bloggers.  Those who choose to charge for their instructional crafts.  Who don't return your comments & probably don't even visit your blog.  

On my blog I have buttons of people that I would love to share with my readers/followers and they also have contact with me at least weekly.  

On my blog roll are blogs that I click on daily to check in and see whats new.   These blog authors are usually people that I also have weekly contact with or am a regular at their weekly party.

To each his own I guess.....but I thought this was a wonderful idea and thought not only would I share but I would make a specific post for it instead of just linking up today mantle post.

So go on over and meet some bloggers......not everyone can go to conventions and trips to network with other bloggers.  This is your opportunity!   I have met some amazing bloggers this past month and so happy that I did!


Thought I'd use my Jersey slang in my blog title...lol    Crib is a home, house, apt, etc....
                                           Okay now onto the business at hand:

I had the winter mantle up and I just wasn't loving it.   So after I found that fabulous red mercury urn piece at Home Goods I decided to start early with the LOVIN'.....Valentine's Day.

I also couldn't wait to use my fabulous Valentine's typography print that I got from Barn Owl Primatives  http://www.etsy.com/shop/barnowlprimitives...if you haven't been over to her shop then it's a must.   I have a wish list of signs that I want from her...good stuff!

So here is where I am so far......NOW...NOW you all know me by now that this will eventually (meaning daily) be tweaked probably up until Valentine's Day itself.  But I wanted to keep it fairly simple with the Red/White/Black theme.    

What is Valentine's Day without RED????   Sorry for all you white loving girls out there...but every now and then some color wouldn't hurt.   Especially when the symbols fo the holidays are Roses & Hearts.   Sorry to say but theyre usually RED.    Okay enough about my Red Ranting...lol    Enjoy!

Here is the soon to be painted mantle

Little vignette of white/red candles..Letter J and antique tart tin

Branch from my Advent tree adorned with red ornaments and pink tags with romantic words

My fab red Home Goods find with some black accessories and red Christmas beads

Table/planter next to the fireplace needed some red love too.

I did a little red beading and hung a red tinsel heart like the ones I have outside the house.

AND BECAUSE ....I cant just have one area decorated for a holiday.  Cupid sprinkled some red love dust in other areas.

Some red beads and heart coaster on side table

Small red mercury glass vase, red candle and another coaster.  Oh and that fab Anthro frame with that hot couple was bday gift from sis Jenn years ago. lol

Red beaded placemat & awesome Red Envelope Rose box given to me Vday 2009 while hubby was in Iraq.  One of my favorite things.

The kitchen sliders to backyard deck area got some Red/Cream paper heart garland and a cute wooden plaque hung from Red satin ribbon.

Added some decorative red boxes to the display area next to front door (bottom shelf collects all the winter hats, gloves, mittens) Therefore, I left that mess out of this pic. lol

The inspiration for my red/black/white Vday theme.   Barn Owl Primatives typography that I purchased in her Etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/barnowlprimitives   So cool she did a black one just for me!   

There is also a Barn Owl Primatives going on over at Tatertots and Jello http://tatertotsandjello.blogspot.com/2011/01/giveaway-monday-barn-owl-primitives.html

Dont miss your chance to have a unique BOP piece too!

TODAYS POST MESSAGE:  USE WHAT YOU HAVE....left over Red Christmas items work fabulously for Jan/Feb decor!


Okay peeps....so today's post was supposed to be of my Valentine inspired mantle but apparently I don't have anymore storage left on my account (???)   I guess I use alot of pictures in my posts.

Sorry for the delay....I have purchased more so I will post as soon as I have access.

Has anyone else had this happen before since you all have been doing this much longer?


Friday, January 21, 2011


This past weekend was my 2 oldest daughters 10th bday.   Her theme was Whip My Hair (Willow Smith song) and the girls dressed up all crazy and funky (reminded me of the 80's).  It all comes back to us..lol

This is the bday girl Adelina

My son & 2 nieces 

My oldest daughter and youngest niece

Adelina & her bestie Tazia

Adelina & her bff Tazia & Isabella

The girls eating some pizza

My little one is liking that pizza .lol

My stylish niece 

Adelina and her crew


The party table set with giftbags along with CD of  (theme song) and glow bracelets.


Thursday, January 20, 2011


As I mentioned in a previous post, I've been de-cluttering my closet.   Yesterday I dropped off 2 big garbage bags full of boots and purses for my consignment shop.   Apparently my calves are too big for last years boots (nice...must thank baby #5 for that too. lol)

Well since my shoe collection is down to 1 summer box and now only 1 winter box I need to replenish my supply.   This is where my head is at right now.


I've met some great people in blogland and some of them have great talents.   This is the case here and I wanted to share with you someone from blogland.

This is Leighann of Beads Buttons Bubbles  http://beadsbuttonsbubbles.blogspot.com/.   I recently won a giveaway and it was one of her pieces.  Can you guess what this is......

Yep.....It's a bowl made of magazine pages!  How cool is that?

My teenager wanted it and my 10 year wanted it too...but this baby is going on Mama's desk in the work area once my makeover is done.  

As many of you know I love re-purposing items or up-cycling as many of you call it.   Either way RRR is the way I try to go when I can.    This girl has some amazing items made from items she has re-purposed.

Take a look at some of these pics, but visit her on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/beadsbuttonsbubbles/98674921681 or over at her Etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/ShenanAgains?ref=pr_shop_more and check out all the creative items she has created with stuff you wouldn't imagine.

Love these too for my girls rooms!

So cool...for summer with some turquoise sandals...

These are just too cute!

I'm a fan of the rosette...love her fabric choice

Modern take on cameo ring...

These are made from a fork....say what???  Yep