Wednesday, January 12, 2011


10 years ago on January 13, 2001, I gave birth to my little girl Adelina Maria.   She weighed 8 lbs 5 oz and was the easiest labor of all 5 children!

She is full of life and energy...she is well liked by friends.   At school I have never had a bad report (ever) the teachers all think she's the best thing since sliced bread (which she is most of the time)

She loves clothes, jewelry and she is a girly girl!  She still likes dolls and plays with zhu zhu pets and zoobles (ugh what ever happened to weeble wobbles and blocks?  She is also a decorating enthusiast just like Mama...we decorate and re-decorate and she is very neat and keeps her room clean (YAY!)

This Saturday we are having a "Whip My Hair" themed party at the skating rink (post to follow of course) and for those of you who dont know.  It's the song from the daughter of Will Smith - Willow.   It's actually a pretty catchy song and she portrays a great message of being yourself no matter what other people think.

Im HUGE on this message to my children.  I dont want them dressing like everyone else or talking, walking and wanting what everyone else has.

Adelina is definately her own person, she has her own attitude.   However she does let Mama pick out her clothes because she loves when I do it all funky and crazy.

Happy Birthday to my babygirl and wishing you all the best this year and all the years to come!

Even at the age of 4 she loved pink and purses.

1st day of public school shyness (no uniform)

Christmas 2008 (old house)

7th bday (at the skating rink) lol

Veterans Day 2008 (supporting Big Daddy while away)

My karate kid 2009

She will succeed in anything she tries

The Welcome Wagon

Big sister again!

At cousin Jordyn's fabulous pajama girl party

My little fashionista

Big Sis

Little sis

With Santa 2010

With BFF Tazia 2010

Christmas afternoon 2010


  1. She is such a cutie! Happy birthday, Adelina! What a pretty name!...Christine

  2. What a beautiful birthday girl!! She does look like a sweetie pie! I hope she has a wonderful birthday and I LOVE her theme!
    Too Cute!

  3. I love her name!! Remind me of my baby girl's name... Adelaide. :o)


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