Saturday, January 8, 2011


That was the name of a pasticceria in Brooklyn, New York in the early 1900's.   My great-grandfather Nicola Russo was the proprietor of that establishment.

It's always made me very proud to know that someone in my family came to this country from Italy and found a way to be successful and find the American Dream they all strived to live.  I've had this photo for years hanging on my family wall in our hallway, but Ive decided if I have an Italian style kitchen then who better to showcase in my Cucina then my Nonno Nicola and Nonna Vincenza.

This is Nonna Vincenza in front of the shop.  

I love the window display...kind of special that I would then later become a window designer/visual merchandiser.

I haven't been able to find out anymore information on the shop other than this photo...my grandmother Anna (the daughter passed away in 1996).  I was close to her but I never took the time when I was younger to ask about the history behind it.
This is Nonno Nicola (love his thick mustache) and his family.  My Nonna Vincenza is seated beneath him.  I do not know who the other adults are.  The 2 young girls are my Nonna Anna's sister Rose and Mary.  

Now in 2011 I find myself looking more towards baking and my oldest daughter aspires to be a pastry chef and I really hope that she follows through on that.  It would be a continuation of our family history.

This leads me to my next project (one of many this year). Brining Nonno into the kitchen in my own way.

The hutch is stripped of all the Christmas ceramics and needs some touching up.

  My vision is to re-create the window of my Nonno's shop in my hutch using the vintage items I already have mixed with some modern day finds.

My items all displayed for selection...some tins, glass, silver and a vintage scale and some other baking items. 

The beginning structure work

Change the placement of Nonna Vincenza and put her on top in a vintage frame

My Home Goods apothecary jars filled with red candies in honor of the family name Russo and also for Valentine's Day.  Also little DIY apothecary filled with cookie cutters.

This is the final arrangement (i think...lol)  
Top shelf - glass jar with cookie cutters, vintage scale, tin recipe box

Middle shelf - dessert plates from Ebay and a real candycane
below are babyjars with milk chocolate morsels and vintage baking tins
My favorite cook books Cucina Amore, Small plates by Williams Sonoma

Here is Nonno Nicola and the family

Dessert cup with old MS cookie press discs

Glass vase with metal cookie cutter and an old whisk

Part of my vintage collection of baking items...these cups are from Sweden


Only  2 items were broken in this process....1 crystal candlestick and 1 dessert cup.  Thankfully no one was injured in the crashes and have not yet gotten glass in their feet!

Ciao a tutti!  

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just in case you forgot or dont' feel that this fits the party criteria...this is what the hutch look like originally

If this isnt a metamorphasis I dont know what is folks.  This is my Showcase piece in my kitchen and I treasure it.

It does have a tabletop and I have tablescaped it! LOL

Wow....thats alot of explaining for alot of parties....


  1. That is awesome! I really love that you and your daughter want to pursue this and follow a passion. It's in you blood! Go for it!

  2. Such a wonderful transformation. It looks fabulous and I love your vignette. You have accessorized it with such lovely pieces. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  3. What a beautiful display you made and the transformation was fabulous.

  4. Wonderful family history and the hutch display is great. My daughter in law is Italian so I recognized the grandparents being called nonno and nonna. Thanks for joining the party.

  5. Just gorgeous!! Love how you accessorized it!

  6. There's nothing like having some beautiful vintage items to add a nostalgic, magical touch to a room. I LOVE this!!


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