Monday, January 3, 2011


Oddly this year I have opted to take down the majority of my Christmas ornaments early minus my essentials for 3 Kings Day on the 6th.

Here is where Christmas has gone......

13 of the 22 Christmas tubs in the 1st phase staging area.

They then make their way to the garage against the wall stacked nicely and neatly then the bags of large items lay on top.

I need a few more tubs this year to hold some new finds.....

I had a brief Facebook conversation with Christopher Radko ...yes the Czar of Christmas!  He shared an article he wrote regarding Christmas.  It was a really beautiful article and I told him what perfect timing he had,  I needed to read that story at that very moment in my life.  Sometimes I evaluate my purpose here and if Im doing what I should be and how it should be done.

My husband jokes about my "Macy's trees" and how I insist on a color scheme in each room and that I must be the one to decorate the tree.   He is right...it's not about me it's showing my children the meaning of Christmas and as much as I love decorations THAT'S NOT WHERE ITS AT FOLKS.

I gave the children their own tree with their own ornaments and even hosted a kiddie tree trimming party for them and friends.  It was a blast and I loved seeing the crooked garland and dangling nutcrackers on the tree. I really enjoyed it so much, that I plan on making it a family tradition for them to invite friends over and enjoy decorating the tree too.

Here is the article http://www.huffingtonpost.com/christopher-radko/looking-for-christmas_b_795410.html

The Christmas spirit can live inside us all year long, its not just about the decorating ,blogging, gifts and linky parties to showcase your work.   We should all take some time this year to help others in need in whatever form we can.  Teach your children about giving to others by having them donate toys after christmas since they have received new ones.   Purchase a toy for Toy-for-tots and help a military family in need.  Volunteer and your local shelter, church or soup kitchen feeding the homeless. There are so many ways to help you just need to take the first step.

Thank you Christopher for showing me where to look for Christmas!


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