Monday, January 10, 2011


Our dear friends Dave & Liza have 3 children....2 boys/1 girl.    Our girls were best friends since 2nd grade and from that point we became friends.

Gabriella & Alicia

 Then in 2006 we both gave birth to babies...we had Samayah and they had Xavier.    In 2009-2010 they added Simon and we followed with Kemorah.....funny how that all happened unplanned!

Well Xavier just turned 4...he and Samayah are exactly 1 week apart.  This weekend was his birthday party and also for his little brother Simon.

They are a pair of boys if you ever saw some.  They love anything trucks, cars basically anything that has wheels.  Huge fans of Disneys Cars and Toys Story so of course this years bday theme was Toy Story!!

So cute...great movie....all 3!

Cake was made by Mommy Liza (awesome imagination)

So I wanted to take some pics and blog about the party....we always have fun at our parties and post our pics on Facebook or in our blogs so I wanted to look at this from there point of view.

The 4 year old birthday boy Xavier

Samayah and Simon (2 yr old birthday boy) having a juice break.

Kemorah lounging with daddy

Cake time...again Samayah takes time to pose (ham)

They're all about the cupcakes

Now we must start off my staying the special attraction at this party was THE FUN BUS...for those of you that dont know what that is.   Just the best gymboree on wheels you'll ever see.   And the best part is it was 35 degrees outside and the bus pulled up and out they went to jump around in a heated bus.

This is the fun bus

So cool...check out www.funbuses.com for a location near you!

Side shot of bus

The fun bus girls are awesome and so much fun (where can you find more than 5 4 year olds sitting down when there are mats all over the place.

Samayah was having a blast but of course she will stop and pose (she is my child)lol

Xavier rolling around in the donut

Back of the bus.....is the best part!

When they're done they get to slide out of the back....now that's a FUN BUS!

Dont mind the date on some of the pics...some of the pics aren't mine and someone needs to reset their time/date!  lol

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