Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Well I had a decent bday up until around 5 p.m. when we just finished having 2 Birthday Cakes that Big Daddy brought home for me today!  One was Red Velvet  the other Italian Canoli cake.....YUM YUM!

I also received a Nikon camera to take better pics..lol   and my daughters gave me vanilla cream candles. Another YUM.

Okay so as clean up begins the 4-10-12 yr olds went downstairs to play the Wii and we hear the 4 years start to cry loudly she comes upstairs and she was hurt.   I checked her out and without personal details....lets just say there was blood and I started to cry and my husband was scared.

We put on her coat, shoes and off we went to the ER.....now those of you who follow me on Twitter or FB might have seen a few angry messages.   I was pretty upset that a 4 yr old with internal bleeding has to wait over 1 hour to be seen and a teenager with a stomach ache goes ahead of her.  There was also a set of twin newborns who were very ill so I didnt say a word because obviously they were a more serious situation.   Still scary to sit and wait and not know what injuries your child might have.

Anywhooooo...the doctor checked her out eventually with some help from me and Big Daddy J.  Very scary to have a strange doctor trying to check you out when your 4.   .The outcome is that she has a bruise & abrasion to the area and needs to be on limited activities so it will heel.  Also to prevent infection I must clean her many times a day and apply ointment.   They said it should heel but the next time she says " Mama I gotta go Peeps"....might not be a pleasant experience as usual.

So Im taking a few days off peeps....I'll be back Tuesday with some fabulous new from an event Im attending on Monday.   I have a post already saved and ready to go for Sunday nights announcement.

CAN I GET A RE-DO ON MY BIRTHDAY THIS YEAR.....ER is not where I was hoping to spend most of my night! lol


  1. Hi Melanie, I am so sorry to hear that. I hope you little sweet girl heals quickly....good thing is they usually do at that age. Take care!@

  2. Oh my! I'm so sorry to read this! I hope everything is okay and she feels better soon! Sorry about your b-day:0( I remember my first mother's day was spent in the hospital with my then 9 month old son. Not the best way to enjoy the day I can tell you!


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