Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Last year at this time I would be at Home Goods daily walking around and wandering the aisles of inspiration (also hoping to induce myself into labor so my already 9lb baby wouldn't be overweight. lol)

No luck.....with the baby that is.   She was 9 lbs 11.5 0zs and 4 days late.   However I did push out some heavy carts from that store in those last few months.

I don't know what it is about Home Goods but when I walk in there its like I'm in another world.   So my question is .....is their motto Be Home Goods Happy a Myth or Mama medicine?

On Saturday 1/1/11......I had cabin fever and had to get out of the house.  So off I went leaving Big Daddy J with the little ones (I said a prayer for them before I left)lol.

My mind was racing on the way there (5 mins away from my house) of course I was doing the speed limit (yea right).   I was already thinking of my vignettes and decor for Jan/Feb in the house.   As a retail merchandiser you're always ahead of the season which is why you'll see spring/summer stuff on the shelves soon. OMG!!

I get out of my super cool mama mini-van and walk through those amazing automatic doors....the squeak was music to my ears. lol

First thing is a 3 tiered square cubed display of everything CUPID, VALENTINE, RED, GOLD and FEBRUARY!   Yay! Score!

I then spot some dishes and of course I'm a bargain shopper ( I just want to get more for my money) so I make my way to the CLEARANCE aisle of each dept.   I quickly discover from the WONDERFUL RED SIGNS that all Christmas is 50% off.  I would've expected a little more but I started picking through looking for all things RED.

I scored some fabulous little finds as always.   It was like little vintage discoveries at a flea market.  Not like a room makeover trip where you buy everything in your sight in the theme your going for.

Im quite happy with my finds and they are currently in a RED Rubbermaid tub awaiting their proper display.

My traditions are strong and I will not put away my 3 Kings and Baby Jesus until January 6th, but after that it's full blown CUPID'S CAVE up in here.  

Here are my finds from my Home Goods night out:

This lovely red lady was only $9 and yep 50% off!

This I will be saving for next year's Red/White Christmas

Yep $7.99 and.........50% off!

I also got this  fabulous letter "J" that is currently hanging solo on the hallway wall but I have big plans for this letter J and the hallway too.   


Home Goods is this Mama's Medicine for Cabin Fever!


  1. In Canada, eh? our Home Goods is called Home Sense. Seriously? When on Gawd's earth did buying crap for your house that you didn't need make "sense"? I wanna come to Home *Goods* with you. I think we would have fun. Can we bring my flask? LOL

  2. Great finds and I am with you. I love Home Goods and love the clearance aisles also. Always find treasures. Hugs, Marty

  3. First, we have to say you have fantastic style. We love your finds! Once you make them shine in your home, you will have to share pics with us. Second, we love your self-prescribed mama medicine! That makes us HomeGoods Happy. Thank you and happy decorating!

  4. Wish we had a HomeGoods close to us! Great finds!


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