Sunday, January 2, 2011


This year will be a year of great change for me.   Im working on a few things and plan on changing up things in my home (re-design of 4 rooms in the house), business (launching of new line in Etsy shop) and on my blog (focused features).   In the 6 months Ive been doing this I thing I got caught up in the hoopla (if you will) of who's blog is on all the blog roll, who's having a giveaway, what tutorial is out there, who is (stealing) who's idea and what parties are going on and how fast can I whip up some magic to link up.

Although a merchandiser thrives on producing under pressure, I much rather take a step back this year.  I have made some amazing blogging buddies and that is wonderful.   I have also found wonderful resources through  certain bloggers and will explore and reach out further.

I have met some amazing ladies that I dont need to mention names, we comment back and forth and wish each other true praise and blessings for our endeavors and for our families weekly if not daily.  These are connections I plan to keep strong this year.

I plan on going back to my love of treasure shopping at my favorite stores and featuring my finds.  My love of styling is what drives the need to find something and create around it.  Also doing a monthly special for my followers just because I want to thank them for their dedicated readership not to gain the highest follower number in blogland.

I will feature products not because I have a huge following but because I bought the product on my own and think it is worth talking about and endorsing.

Being an Etsy shop owner myself, I want to shout out and feature my fellow artists/crafters and work together to promote our work.

I will also blog about topics that are close to my heart such as Autism (for those of you who dont already know I am the mother of a child diagnosed on the spectrum).  Along with Cancer (have had too many friends/family suffer and live or suffer and die from it).  Also the topics of  donating and volunteering.   And I understand that these posts are not popular and you might not comment but for the one person out there that it will touch and may need someone to talk to then I have done my work.

I envision a great year for myself and Lucky 7 Design and cant wait to get started.....Im inspired by so many things and so many new people that I have recently connected with that I need to get it all together and run with it.

I believe in the power of the spoken or written word in this case.  I dont think you need to have a fancy camera or etiquette to blog.  Its your passion, it might not be for everyone that is why you are given to option to follow or not too.    Im a visual person so I do love some photos but theyre not going to look like a Martha Stewart or Country Living layout. lol

 With that said here is a photo that is giving me much inspiration at the moment (photo taken while on an much needed mommy escape to Home Goods) could not enlarge the photo for some reason.  Hopefully you get the idea.


  1. And I wish you all the very best Melanie this year. It's going to be all good!

  2. Happy New Year! Love this post and you are very right on all of it. :) Best wishes to you and your family.

    Here's to happiness!



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