Thursday, January 6, 2011


I've been a fan of Home Goods for years but I've realized that it's a serious issue.  Looking around my home I see that it is comprised of items either from Home Goods or Craigslist.   Hey Im not complaining at all, now my husband on the other hand. lol

Last week I had to get out of the house after the horrible blizzard and being trapped for over a week.   I  went to Home Goods and posted about how I felt so much better after my little getaway and how it was just the medicine this mama needed.  Can something as simple as walking through a well stocked store bring such joy even if I walk out spending under $40.00?

The answer is YES...YES...YES!  

In 2002 when I worked for Lowe's, I remember taking my lunch break and I would walk 3 big stores down (quiet a hike) and just browse the aisles.  Of course I never left empty handed.   I can always find inspiration in something as small as it may be.  I see napkins (only 2.....hey I'll make cafe curtains).  This is how my mind works.  Footnote to this is that I would then go back to work grab a Diet Pepsi and chips from vending machines but work happily the rest of the day.

Never thought it was a big deal until last week when I was so relaxed and browsed and searched and came home with my little treasures.  Which of course I posted and then got some great comments.   So am I a shop-a-holic if I have to go to a store and shop to feel joy!

I'd rather say that Im frequently inspired. LOL (it sounds good though doesnt it)  I use it all the time when my husband tells me that I change my mind too much.    He gets confused when he comes home and Ive rearranged the furniture again. And I just tell him no love its just that I get frequently inspired, but see it's exciting to come home to a newly decorated house all the time.  He just laughs.

So this year I have decided that I will continue to share my Home Goods finds whether they are regular price or Clearance (my favorite)  with you.   I will also then do a follow up post and show you how the item was used .  Because you can show someone a whole tabletop worth of great accessories but unless you can give them unique ways of using them then its just boring!  It will be my Home Goods Shop-a-holic series!

While working on this post I looked around the house to photograph my many items that are from Home Goods and how I have used them.   Wow its alot...lol   This year Im taking on major redesigns in this house so some of them might change but even better to show you the versatility of their stuff and my imagination.

I hope you all will enjoy this new style of blogging from me, its more natural to me as a retail merchandiser and it full-fills my love of continually trying new ways to use items.

Here we go............

My iron Home Goods cross $ 9.99

Home Goods candlesticks from Portugal $7 ea. Clearance

Animal crackle finish letter J (Clearance)

My print framed in fabulous HG frame $12.99

Home Goods shelf originally cherry finish but I painted it black $17.00 Clearance

My gorgeous Angel she was $49.99 and I paid it gladly
The apothecary jars are HG too vary from $5 - 10

Crackle finish letter J $3.50 (woohoo) project for this coming soon!

Tall tea light holder (gotten broken over Christmas so Ive relocated it to kitchen and pieced it back together (can bare to throw it away)

Home Goods shelf $9.99

Everything on the tabletop is Home Goods..actually blue candstick is Marshalls but same parent company so it's all in the family!   All items were less than $15, dont remember exactly but was perfect for our seaside bathroom

Love my seashell ball $ 9.99, tabletopper is actually King size sham w/ pearl accents $ 4.00 each

Gold herringbone frame $ 5.00

Apothecary jars from HG $9.99 DIY one in the middle $0. lol

Metal bird cloche $5.99

Huge apothecary jar and 2 large ones. Huge $3. (yea baby) long cylander $3 again and the twizzler one was $9.99.

This is actually a planter but I use it as a table base...right now its just in transition of rooms. It was $29

Turquoise vase $19.99 inspired my color scheme for bedroom 

Small candlestick $5.99 and matted frame that had broken glass $5.00

Well I'm still Home Goods happy after reviewing this post...I do admit I have alot of HG stuff.

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  1. Home goods is fantastic. Oh that print Melanie is gorgeous! I have never seen anything like that there. Thanks so much for the bloggy love. And hey being the one of the best is certainly good enough for me....I know I was not my husbands first and he still married me:):)Debbie XXX000


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