Monday, January 24, 2011


I saw a post on my bff from BeadsButtonBubbles http://beadsbuttonsbubbles.blogspot.com/ blog and went to the source which is Homemaker on a Dime http://www.homemakeronadime.com/.

                    It's A Fabulous Party!  

A "Swap Followings Linky Party"  its open every Monday and you basically are linking up to meet new bloggers and gain new followers.    IN EXCHANGE.....for you to return the favor and follow them.

I'm the type of blogger that if you took the time to follow me, I will of course return the favor.   I follow people who don't follow my blog.   But if someone new comes over and visits and comments then follows me...I think it only the right thing to do for me as a person to follow them as well.

I have met some great people in blogland and I have met those out for self promotion only and will only comment their click of bloggers.  Those who choose to charge for their instructional crafts.  Who don't return your comments & probably don't even visit your blog.  

On my blog I have buttons of people that I would love to share with my readers/followers and they also have contact with me at least weekly.  

On my blog roll are blogs that I click on daily to check in and see whats new.   These blog authors are usually people that I also have weekly contact with or am a regular at their weekly party.

To each his own I guess.....but I thought this was a wonderful idea and thought not only would I share but I would make a specific post for it instead of just linking up today mantle post.

So go on over and meet some bloggers......not everyone can go to conventions and trips to network with other bloggers.  This is your opportunity!   I have met some amazing bloggers this past month and so happy that I did!


  1. It has been super fun, and I've found some great blogs! :)

  2. Thanks for posting this! I've been looking for a way to find some followers.


  3. Wasn't it a great idea? I signed up to follow you from the Follower Swap. I was follower number 99, you're almost at triple digits! Hope you'll visit mine and do the same.

  4. I am your 100th follower form the link party...

  5. Thanks for joining! I'm happy to hear that the Swap Followings party turned out as a positive experience for you :) I'm also a follower now.

  6. I missed the party, but found it in time to blog hop. I am follower #102. What a great idea for us new bloggers and followers to find us.

  7. I am following you now.
    The Homemaker on a dime party is a great idea.
    Ana Paula:)

  8. I'm following you from the follower's swap. I'd love if you would come check out my blog and follow me back. www.diybydesign.blogspot.com


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