Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I'M BACK........................................................

Well it's been 145 days since my last blog post.   I have to say that it's feels like years...a lot has happened in my life but it's time to jump back in the saddle.  

Just to explain my absence....earlier this year my husband of 9 years and I separated and it was devastating for myself and for my children.   I don't want to say time heals all wounds, but we are back on our feet now.  By the grace of god and the love of family and friends I am strong again and head of my household.

I have started back at my DIY projects on the house we had just moved into and at some point I will start back in the event business with my styling and rentals.   Right now my children are the most important thing to me so being home with them comes first.

Now that wont stop me from my projects...so here is just a little glimpse of what I've been up to recently and hopefully you will check back to see what else I have in store for my humble abode.

Master Bedroom vignette

Fresh Flowers in the Family Room

Coffee Table in Family Room

Master Bedroom Makeover (still in progress)

Dining Room Buffet area

My 4 yr old's new bed

DIY project for the master

See You All Soon


Thursday, March 6, 2014


I really don't ever need an excuse to throw a party....however when I received a party pack from House Party full of goodies from Zatarain's.....I knew right away what I was going to do.

Mardi Gras...................Ive never been but have always been intrigued by the whole party style and one day I will make it down to New Orleans to celebrate it the right way.

Here are some pics from my Ladies Night....Mardi Gras with Zatarain's party.

A Welcoming Door to the party...

Tabletop decor

My photowall backdrop

Me and my boo....we love parties

they made me do it

Cute collage of the nite

I used a vintage door atop a Singer sewing base for my app buffet

Creole Deviled Eggs

Red Pepper Hummus and Crown Crackers

Shot of the app buffet

I like the way this turned out...alot

Muffaletta Dip with breadsticks

Bacon wrapped Crab Meat......yum!

I dressed up the luggage bar too...

One can always use a nice big poof

Table is set....we are ready to get our grub on...

One of my fav dishes I made was Zatarain's Yellow Rice w/ Cranberries

The night's placesettings...with gift bag for each guest

Each of my guests got one of these gift bags...
2 magnet recipe cards, 2 coupons, mask and beads to get them started on their own Mardi Gras night.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

A PILLOW MAKEOVER..............

Well it was a nasty rainy day so I decided to take a ride to my local Home Goods store.  When I say local I mean it's literally 5 mins away from my house.    I love strolling the aisles for inspiration, grabbing random pieces to scatter around the house.  I also LOVE hitting the Clearance sections, I always do well there too.

Here is what I came home with, sometimes less is more.

I collect green glass so that vase/bottle was a no brainer....the red package are Valentine's Day napkins set of 4...my kitchen has red accents so those will work perfectly.  And then there is my pillow.  I have been searching for accent pillow for my Family Room.    This one was in Clearance section, actually all 3 items were red tag treasures.  

Here is what I decided to do with my new pillow.

My blank canvas... $8 Clearance pillow

I taped on my stencils,and outlined the edges

I filled in my stencil outline with paint pen

Bam.....it's all about FAMILY in my Family Room.

And a lil bit of Irish for the upcoming holiday!

- MJ

Saturday, February 8, 2014

LOVE MY VENDORS...................................

I always love when I get photographers back from vendors who rented some of my props.   Last weekend was SuperBowl Sunday.  However for one little special girl it was her Alice in Wonderland themed 1st bday.

Tania from TD Event Planning always comes up with creative way to use my props.   


Wednesday, January 15, 2014


We are featured on The Paper Proposal  blog this week.   So excited, this shoot was so much fun down at Laurita Winery in New Egypt, New Jersey.

You can view the full feature HERE, but here are also some great eye candy shots.

Thanks to Catherine Scerbo Events, A Studio Images, Lennie's Sweet Treats


Monday, December 16, 2013


Sometimes the excitement of the holidays makes us want to do so much.   That is always the case for me, Holidays just adds a ton more projects for me to complete.

We just moved November 1st, so I haven't had much time to holiday plan.  With unpacking, decorating, then pulling holiday stuff our and trying to come up with themes and decor.

Im just plain exhausted.....this week will be the end of my Holiday Decor run.   I was planning on going all the way till Dec 23rd...but Im done folks.

My beautiful daughter Samayah is turning 7 this Friday and then her Daddy's Birthday is the day after that and then we have Christmas Eve and Christmas Day sooooooooooooooo Im done with tutorials on the blog.

I will be posting pictures on my Facebook page and of course always on my Instagram (Lucky7Design) page as well.

Here is my nature inspired tree.....we got a REAL tree (husband's request) for the big room in the back of the house.  Our Dining room and Living Room are split by this space, so that is the spot I chose for the tree.    Let's just hope the puppies don't rip up all the presents when Santa leaves them!

I used items I had already in my Christmas Decoration collection (hoarder's paradise .lol) I used glass balls, real walnuts, burlap wrapped candy canes, real pine conesl twig nests w/ eggs and handmade ruched burlap garland.

I would also like to add that I have eco-friendly gingerbread mean on my tree.  They are handmade recycled paper figures from my friend in California Kelli Moorhead Bianchi.  She makes amazing paper crafts and jewelry you can check our her Crafting on a Dime Facebook page HERE

The big bare tree

Some twinkle and the balls go on...a sage green and pale gold

Burlap wrapped candy canes

Handmade recycled paper Gingerbread Men

Real Walnuts

My nature themed ornaments

Close up of the top portion of the tree

Here she is......My Mother Nature Inspired Tree

After 3 Kings Day, the glass ornaments and burlap will come off and the tree with the walnuts, pine, cones and nests will go out to the backyard for whatever left over birds are around to enjoy.  

Maybe the girls and I will make some bird see balls for them too!  

- MJ

Sunday, December 15, 2013

BAKING STATION DIY - Holiday Decor Day 14 on Day 15

Well due to the snow storm that hit us yesterday....this Part 2 of my Baking Station post did not publish.

Im just sharing a little addition I made to that area of the kitchen, it has it's own archway, which was probably the end of the original house.

I found some pieces of wood that were in almost every closet as shelves.   Im not one for folded clothing, in fact it's a pet peeve of mine.    So when I saw this piece of wood in my daughter's closet...a project came to mind.


Now I've seen them on Pinterest as well as on a few blogs, so I wanted to give it my own spin.

Here iS what I came up with................

Here is the old piece of wood

I pulled out my stencils and a pencil

Quick outline and some black paint...

7 cent Sweets anyone???

How about... Bakery - 7 cent cakes????

Well you can see which one I went with in the end.