Monday, April 27, 2015


Referrals are the best!   I did a 1st birthday party in March and through social media I was contacted by a mom of a beautiful little soon to be 1 year old.    She wanted an Alice in Wonderland theme.

She gave me her daughter Mila's invitation and I took inspiration from it and went in Wonderland World.   Here are a few pics from the 1st Birthday.  

Inspiration.... Mila's invitation and signage from Etsy

Custom mirror and playing cards

Whimsical tree decor 

Whimsical tree decor

Closeup of table centerpiece

Read Me....

Smash Cake Vignette area, props from Lucky 7 Design inventory.

Dessert Table - Alice in Wonderland

Eat Me....Vanilla Butter cream cupcake

Tea Bag Cookie

White Powdered Donuts

White Meringues 

Cupcake tier display

Red Velvet/Strawberry Butter cream gold fondant heart.

Custom apron and name banner

Right side dessert table

Left side dessert table

Marshmallow pops

Cheshire Cat Tail Pops

Event Decor : Lucky 7 Design
Desserts: Skulls N Sweets
Cookies : Skulls N Sweets
Cards:  Gryphon Designs
Dessert Tags:  Marimaking Supplies


Saturday, March 14, 2015


Supportive friends are the best, they help you out in ways they don't realize sometimes.    Tonight I had the honor and definitely the pleasure to be in charge of my friend Paola's son's 1st Birthday.

She asked me weeks ago, of course I said yes!     And we spent hours and days on the phone texting, talking, going out shopping and today was what it was all for......I hope I did her proud.    

But I owe her a thank you for reminding me what it is that I love to do.   Sometimes life happens and we get lost.   Tonight I was found, and can't wait to plan and design some new party spaces.

Check out some photos from tonight's party....and I must say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ANTHONY GIANNI on his awesome 1st birthday.

STEP RIGHT UP.............

Event Design & Props - Lucky 7 Design
Sweets - Skulls n Sweets
Venue - O Lugar (Union NJ)


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I'M BACK........................................................

Well it's been 145 days since my last blog post.   I have to say that it's feels like years...a lot has happened in my life but it's time to jump back in the saddle.  

Just to explain my absence....earlier this year my husband of 9 years and I separated and it was devastating for myself and for my children.   I don't want to say time heals all wounds, but we are back on our feet now.  By the grace of god and the love of family and friends I am strong again and head of my household.

I have started back at my DIY projects on the house we had just moved into and at some point I will start back in the event business with my styling and rentals.   Right now my children are the most important thing to me so being home with them comes first.

Now that wont stop me from my projects...so here is just a little glimpse of what I've been up to recently and hopefully you will check back to see what else I have in store for my humble abode.

Master Bedroom vignette

Fresh Flowers in the Family Room

Coffee Table in Family Room

Master Bedroom Makeover (still in progress)

Dining Room Buffet area

My 4 yr old's new bed

DIY project for the master

See You All Soon


Thursday, March 6, 2014


I really don't ever need an excuse to throw a party....however when I received a party pack from House Party full of goodies from Zatarain's.....I knew right away what I was going to do.

Mardi Gras...................Ive never been but have always been intrigued by the whole party style and one day I will make it down to New Orleans to celebrate it the right way.

Here are some pics from my Ladies Night....Mardi Gras with Zatarain's party.

A Welcoming Door to the party...

Tabletop decor

My photowall backdrop

Me and my boo....we love parties

they made me do it

Cute collage of the nite

I used a vintage door atop a Singer sewing base for my app buffet

Creole Deviled Eggs

Red Pepper Hummus and Crown Crackers

Shot of the app buffet

I like the way this turned out...alot

Muffaletta Dip with breadsticks

Bacon wrapped Crab Meat......yum!

I dressed up the luggage bar too...

One can always use a nice big poof

Table is set....we are ready to get our grub on...

One of my fav dishes I made was Zatarain's Yellow Rice w/ Cranberries

The night's placesettings...with gift bag for each guest

Each of my guests got one of these gift bags...
2 magnet recipe cards, 2 coupons, mask and beads to get them started on their own Mardi Gras night.