Thursday, May 5, 2016


So tonight I drove up to Westfield NJ to visit a fabulous store called The Farmhouse Store.  None other than Clint Harp....yes the carpenter from HGTV's show Fixer Upper was there to speak and introduce his line that will be available at The Farmhouse Store.

I was beyond excited, had been planning and waiting for weeks since I found out.   Left 1 hr early just so I wouldn't be late or be last in line.   I asked my creative sister Jenn to meet me there and join in my excitement.

So 5 minutes walking into the shop....I grab my blue Harp Design Co tshirt so that it can be autographed and got on line.   I was number 5 and holding a spot for my sis too.

Cute farmhouse store bags (my tee is inside)

My beautiful Sis and I seated and waiting to hear Clint speak

There he is......such an awesome storyteller. I laughed, got choked up..just awesome

You ever meet someone and totally not what you expected?  Well I knew they would be charming, I mean I have seen them on Fixer Upper but just listening to the words of their story.  I was literally 5 ft away from Kelly and just watching her look at her husband as he told their story was beautiful.    He said plenty of times how she was the "smart one" and he is right...she is a smart girl because she saw potential and believed in her husband and what they could accomplish together.  Just an amazing story of faith in this couple.

So glad I got to hear Clint speak and was able to take a photo with them.  I was literally so overwhelmed I could barely speak when it was my turn in line.   Silly but I was really touched by his words.   

Here is Clint and his beautiful and smart wife Kelly Harp.

The goodies of the night......

My prized piece....turned candlestick signed by Clint and his wife Kelly.

What I learned tonight is to not be afraid.....step out in faith because you never know where you will end up.    Im hoping that my wishes of ending up in Waco, Texas will someday happen.  As a single mom fear sometimes holds me back from dreams and ideas that I have.   But, hearing Clint speak of the tests and trials they endured just gives me hope that anything can happen with a little faith...


- MJ


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