Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I thought I would give the kids a special lunch today since 4 of my 5 go back to school on Thursday!   Its simple but I love the little cafeteria trays.  I only have 4, but I figure by the time the baby can eat from one my oldest (15) will not want to be bothered. lol

On the menu:

PB & J sandwiches
Fruit Snacks
Chocolate fudge pudding
Fruit punch

On the table I placed my daughters lunch box from last year with some books.  I also took book pages, folded them and wrote their names in crayon for personalized place cards.

Not an elaborate tablescape but Im linking up with Susan @ BNOTP anywhoooo! lol

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Well, the hutch is now complete!   I finally finished the top part and theyre back together again. lol  It took alot longer than I expected but things have been busy around here.

This is what it started out looking like, Craigslist find for $25.00

This is what my rustic treasure looks like now (excuse the blurry photo..I was using my daughter's iphone because my camera broke while on vacation.

My roosters are happy they've all found their way back to the kitchen. 

The middle shelf will be my seasonal display area.  I kept it simple because it's already jam packed with my goodies.  The 3 compartments are supposed to have drawers but I decided to use it as open shelving for cook books and tapas plates.

Another little seasonal area, except the rooster will always stay.  I will just add to it depending on the season.

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Friday, August 27, 2010


Ive been racking my brain on how to display my items for the fair....these are some images I found on Google.  I tried to give the author credit where available.  Enjoy!!!

google image






google image


Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Im actually working on my items and listening to the music on my blogpage (sick I know) but its inspiring me to keep going.   I havent really posted anything lately as I usually do because Im so busy.

I have however stopped in to my regular favorites and drop a comment here and there.  I just really need to focus and get my items done, then go outside and do a mock set up in my driveway.  Im a perfectionist and I cant wait till the morning of to come up with a plan.  Ive literally drawn in out 4-5 times...but Im a visual person so it'll be easier for me to just start arranging things.

Ive been searching the internet for spaces that inspire me and the feel and theme that I like.  Ive always loved vintage but I still love my dark woods so I guess Im more of a vintage farmhouse type.lol   I love ruffles and fabric but I dont think Im a Shabby Chic girl (I use to be.....had all of Rachel Ashwell books and actually use to record her show on TV ! I soooooo just dated myself...but no shame im 38 and have no problem with it. However I knew that wasnt completely my style, and I know some of your read my post on Elizabeth Maxson.  Well she is my style, we have the same likes and the mix of textures and styles.  I love her work and feel like Im not the odd ball not wanting to go and paint everything white and have roses and ruffles everywhere.  Her style has actually been coined Elizabeth House Style and its right on point with what I like and I can feel comfortable. I love her out-of-the-box thinking since Ive never been one to follow the pack.  Not that I lead any pack, but rather travel on my own path.  I trust that God will lead me as he always has in the past.

I wont be selling my furniture pieces at the fair because the items cant be used.   So I will be using them as props to create the enviroment I want, but only be selling my textile items.   I really cant wait to list them on Etsy but Im a people person so I think I will enjoy selling them in my tent!

Back to work.....enjoy this day!

Friday, August 20, 2010


I ONLY HAVE 4 WEEKS........to get ready for my street fair event.   This will be my 1st showing of all of the merchandise/items Ive been working on since I had the baby in March.   I am participating in our yearly street fair and all the vendor are allocated a 10x10 space to sell merchandise.

I have my tent, and my furniture.....now I just have to finish up the details on all of my items and add the price tags.  Ugh I also have to print out information on my business and map out my display on paper.

Im a little nervous that I'll be there all day and not sell one thing!   That probably wouldnt happen because Big Daddy J is working the event (Police Dept) so he would buy something from me. lol   I also have great friends who Im sure would throw a poor girl a bone.

I havent posted any of the items on my blog or in my Etsy shoppe because I want to see how the fair goes first.  Then in October Im planning on throwing a launch party at my home and introduce the items.

I have alot of BIG ideas, let's see if I can make BIG things happen.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Well now this is a different kind of Friday finds.......Today I found that I have 30 FOLLOWERS!  Yay!!! And I say that with much heartfelt gratitude.   I started blogging on June 7th, so Im only about 2 months into this blogland wonderfullness.   I have not hosted any giveaways ( Im not that far advanced yet...lol)  so its truly gratifying that the 30 followers I have are people that chose to want to follow my blog.

Now I'm a Jersey girl and not the mushy type. lol    but I have grown to love some of the ladies I have met in blogland.  Susan, Debbie, Marty, Candy, Kristen, Wendy, Michelle, Anne, Maria.   Those ladies I visit daily (if baby bugga allows me the time) and I always try to do my best and thank visitors that have commented on my page and visit theirs as well.  I join Susan, Debbie and Marty's party when I have something to contribute.

I don't know what the blog protocol is and frankly I'm not one to run with the pack (maybe thats a Jersey thing too) I follow my heart and go with my instincts......  Im not blogging to promote myself as a designer.  Im a mother and wife who since I can remember would draw in notebooks rooms and houses I wanted to design.  After the birth of my 5th child and at 38, Im determined to make it a reality in some form or fashion.  So I post whatever is on my mind....I transplanted from HGTV's RMS because of the drama and nastiness.  I feel welcome here and hope to grow and share my ideas and be inspired by others who wish to share as well.

So to all the ladies that I visit and who visit and follow my humble little blog...I appreciate you so much!  I will think of a fabulous way to thank you soon.

Thank you to my big sis J and her support and inspiring creativity, her blog http://pinkybrowninc.blogspot.com/  inspired me to start mine.  One day I hope to have a fabulous little shoppe with her somewhere.

I also want to mention a brilliant lady who I came in contact with,  she took the time to share her wisdom with me regarding  launching my shoppe and participating in a community event next month.   I am inspired by her and appreciate all of her advice today. Her name is Elizabeth Maxson and the blog I like of hers the most is http://www.elizabethhouseshoptalk.com/

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


This is a store in South Carolina's Myrtle Beach area.    Its in the Broadway at the Beach fabulous attraction, shopping place.   We went into this store at least 4 times in the week we were there.

My 15 year old is a candy fanatic...anything from bubble gum to chocolate to gummy bears.   Her Sweet 16th bday in on 9/24....can you guess what are theme is going to be. LOL

The Rice Krispie treat castle.....yum!

The amazing M & M wall....Big Daddy J & Maya were frequent visitors.  Maya loves her some M's.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Inspired by Candy over at The Little Round Table Im posting a little something for Wordless Wednesday as I have so much going on with getting ready for my street fair booth in less than 30 days.  Visit Candy's blog.....she has an amazing home with such wonderful collections.   http://happenstancestuffhappens.blogspot.com/2010/08/wordless-wednesday_17.html

Monday, August 16, 2010


Okay so we pulled into the driveway at 7:40 this morning from good old South Carolina.   We had early dinner yesterday with my parents and sister who came down to their timeshare on Friday.   The 14 of us all went to eat at Ryan's ( a local buffet style restaurant) and OMG...did I eat all you can eat.    We left Myrtle Beach around 7p.m. and made it here in roughly 12 1/2 hrs with a few stops, Big Daddy J and I were exhausted and kept switching driving duty.   He was a trooper and did the most this time going back.

I'm still working on unpacking and tending to the little one....big ones are great, they just grab their bags and run off to their rooms that theyve missed for over a week.


Clean house
Shop for Groceries
Remove all summer decor
Pull out fall decor
Switch out summer curtains to my bedroom
Switch out sheets and comforter in bedroom

Finish up accessories for street fair tent (9/18)
Print out flyers and get together table merchandising stuff.

Start backround staging in dining room for Gabriella's bday tea party (Saturday)
Shop for party decor for outdoor Sweet 16 bday party (Sunday)

In between all of this continue to nurse the 5 month old on demand and keep to her schedule and the 3 1/2 yr old as well.

I will check back in with you all soon.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Lets 1st make our way to the bedrooms upstairs, where the kiddies slept, played and went crazy.

Dresser top in the larger bedroom...I put my 15 yr old & 3 yr old in here, no terrace or sliders (I can sleep better knowing that)

The beds to the same room....I thought the linens and colors of the room were really nice. This room had 2 queen beds....my girls were definately queens for this week, they have twins at home. lol

This is another bedroom which has 2 twin beds although it has sliders but they have a faux terrace. Again cute linens and color scheme to the rooms.

Dresser top in that bedroom...I think the lamp and fish are cute, I threw my daughters shell bracelet there for color. lol 

This is the 3rd bedroom upstairs, my 11 yr old son actually slept in here despite the flip flops adorned with flowers going over the bed.  He liked it because the curtains are blue and it has  its own bathroom/shower. 

This is the master suite upstairs as well....all the rooms are decorated with similar linens from Nautica.  It has a king size bed (we have a queen at home, so this is definately a vacation. lol) A flat screen tv (which hubby hasnt turned on yet) a private master bath with jacuzzi tub and separate shower.

These are the nightstands in the master, very simple.  Just the lamps and pictures were there....I found the ceramic shells and put them there.  I have a thing for 3's.....old merchandising habit I guess.

Now back downstairs to the main living area...

This is the left side of the LR, Big Daddy J was napping on the other sofa (lol we were swimming all morning with the kids) they were still in the pool and I got baby down for a nap so took advantage of quiet time.

This is the top of that precious little curio table.  I love that the top is a tray as well.  I want this in my next house.

I need to have this clock....I dont know where it is from but its a buttery yellow just like the dresser in here as well and their both yummy. 

Here is the yummy yellow dresser.  It only had the lamp on top and the "Thank you for not smoking mini sign. lol.  I added the plant on top and to the side.  I like that it picks up the palms in the picture above.

These boxes were just lying around and so was the crane.  I was trying to disguise the outlet and fill the corner.  I hate empty corners....my step-dad says that his and my mothers house is round because she fills every corner (its so true!) I guess thats where I get it from.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Even though I'm on vacation...I realized that this home had some great dishware and I could still participate in tablescape party. lol    So here is my SC vacation tablescape using all items found in the cabinets of my rental home on the marsh.  I hope you all like it....

Cant get enough of this view...you can see this from the little round table. Just love that tree!

So I did eventually move the fabric chairs to the round table. lol   And then decided to do a tablescape inspired by the colors in them.

I know that the setting is very basic, but I thought it was cute.  Unfortunately no table linens in the house.  Or any decent flatware to use.

I pulled this orange bottle off the top of the kitchen cabinets, pulled the cork out and stuck in some greenery. I added the starfish and puffy sand dollars things to give a simple centerpiece.

A view of the bookcase/shelving unit that I merchandised with some coastal treasures.

The rental owner's Gibson dishes.....not too bad huh?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So here is more of my redo on the rental house.  Like I stated in a previous post, the renters before us removed alot of the decor and no one thought to put it back before we entered on Saturday (that of course required a complaint filed by me) For the amount of money we are paying for this week....this house should have been ready to go.

However.......I do love this little sitting area in the living room.   When we arrived there were ugly outdoor cushions on these chairs and nothing on the table.   So of course, me being the fanatic that I am.....I searched around the house and found some cute little treasures in the cabinets.  I love the chairs and the table...inside the table are seashells and starfish (they were already in there).

Now I'm happy to spend the week here.....I hope next week's renter like the redesign. lol

Monday, August 9, 2010


We rented a house in South Carolina for a week and this year instead of the ocean front homes we chose a home thats on the marsh in the Cherry Grove section of North Myrtle Beach.  Now Im a city girl, but when I saw the view across the marsh and the cool tree that grows sideways in the back pool area I couldnt resist.   

Since it is Tabletop Tuesday....I couldnt help but to contribute a little to the owners decor.  They have a fabulous selection, however the previous renter must've had a small toddler because they removed a lot of decor and plants.  It was a little disturbing to my husband that upon arriving on vacation I had to need to go into the cuboards and pull out items to put on display.  Alot of it was in the utility room (go figure) .

Well here is a taste of the way the kitchen cabinets were merchandised on top...not too shabby.  I added a few little things.  

I love the bottles and the crab plates...not to sure about the mosaic pear shaped thing...thats 1 of 3 mosaic patterned things. (i just dont think it goes well on top with the colorful stuff)

I love this crab and the grass behind him...there is another one of those plates and 2 of 3 mosaic lanterns..lol

I like the shell picture as well as the palm plant...not so sure about the olive bottle and blue pottery pieces.

Another of the shell prints as well as a blue glass lamp and some cute little pitcher and plate.

This plate was just hanging over the backsplash, so I found this beautiful green glass piece and put it to compliment.  Excuse the palm tree dish, that was from snack time and I didnt realize it was still there. lolHope you enjoyed my kitchen (well it is at least for this week)

Linking up with Marty over at Stroll thru Life http://astrollthrulife.blogspot.com/2010/08/25th-table-top-tuesday-new-kitchen.html