Friday, August 20, 2010


I ONLY HAVE 4 WEEKS........to get ready for my street fair event.   This will be my 1st showing of all of the merchandise/items Ive been working on since I had the baby in March.   I am participating in our yearly street fair and all the vendor are allocated a 10x10 space to sell merchandise.

I have my tent, and my furniture.....now I just have to finish up the details on all of my items and add the price tags.  Ugh I also have to print out information on my business and map out my display on paper.

Im a little nervous that I'll be there all day and not sell one thing!   That probably wouldnt happen because Big Daddy J is working the event (Police Dept) so he would buy something from me. lol   I also have great friends who Im sure would throw a poor girl a bone.

I havent posted any of the items on my blog or in my Etsy shoppe because I want to see how the fair goes first.  Then in October Im planning on throwing a launch party at my home and introduce the items.

I have alot of BIG ideas, let's see if I can make BIG things happen.


  1. I am wishing you lots of good luck! Hope you sell a lot...Christine

  2. Hurray for you for following your dreams and making them come true! Good luck today and hope all your items are sold :)

  3. I was just going to write what are you selling? :>) I guess we will see after the fair. I sure it will be a success.

  4. I was just to to ask what are you selling! I guess we will find out after the fair!!
    I am sure it will be a success!

  5. Good luck, it will be great I am sure of it!

  6. Sending lots of good luck your way!!!


  7. Good luck! You will be fine. Have a great evening. I am your newest follower.
    Bonnie :)


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