Monday, August 9, 2010


We rented a house in South Carolina for a week and this year instead of the ocean front homes we chose a home thats on the marsh in the Cherry Grove section of North Myrtle Beach.  Now Im a city girl, but when I saw the view across the marsh and the cool tree that grows sideways in the back pool area I couldnt resist.   

Since it is Tabletop Tuesday....I couldnt help but to contribute a little to the owners decor.  They have a fabulous selection, however the previous renter must've had a small toddler because they removed a lot of decor and plants.  It was a little disturbing to my husband that upon arriving on vacation I had to need to go into the cuboards and pull out items to put on display.  Alot of it was in the utility room (go figure) .

Well here is a taste of the way the kitchen cabinets were merchandised on top...not too shabby.  I added a few little things.  

I love the bottles and the crab plates...not to sure about the mosaic pear shaped thing...thats 1 of 3 mosaic patterned things. (i just dont think it goes well on top with the colorful stuff)

I love this crab and the grass behind him...there is another one of those plates and 2 of 3 mosaic lanterns..lol

I like the shell picture as well as the palm plant...not so sure about the olive bottle and blue pottery pieces.

Another of the shell prints as well as a blue glass lamp and some cute little pitcher and plate.

This plate was just hanging over the backsplash, so I found this beautiful green glass piece and put it to compliment.  Excuse the palm tree dish, that was from snack time and I didnt realize it was still there. lolHope you enjoyed my kitchen (well it is at least for this week)

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  1. This is the spirit of a true decorator when you design your vacation house! Well done. olive♥

  2. I love the seafood plates on the walls! Definetely says vacation to me!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. How fun to play in someone else's house and with their things. I love the vignettes. You did a great job with what you found. How fun was that!!! Thanks so much for joining TTT. I hope you had a great week. Hugs, Marty


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