Thursday, August 12, 2010


Lets 1st make our way to the bedrooms upstairs, where the kiddies slept, played and went crazy.

Dresser top in the larger bedroom...I put my 15 yr old & 3 yr old in here, no terrace or sliders (I can sleep better knowing that)

The beds to the same room....I thought the linens and colors of the room were really nice. This room had 2 queen beds....my girls were definately queens for this week, they have twins at home. lol

This is another bedroom which has 2 twin beds although it has sliders but they have a faux terrace. Again cute linens and color scheme to the rooms.

Dresser top in that bedroom...I think the lamp and fish are cute, I threw my daughters shell bracelet there for color. lol 

This is the 3rd bedroom upstairs, my 11 yr old son actually slept in here despite the flip flops adorned with flowers going over the bed.  He liked it because the curtains are blue and it has  its own bathroom/shower. 

This is the master suite upstairs as well....all the rooms are decorated with similar linens from Nautica.  It has a king size bed (we have a queen at home, so this is definately a vacation. lol) A flat screen tv (which hubby hasnt turned on yet) a private master bath with jacuzzi tub and separate shower.

These are the nightstands in the master, very simple.  Just the lamps and pictures were there....I found the ceramic shells and put them there.  I have a thing for 3's.....old merchandising habit I guess.

Now back downstairs to the main living area...

This is the left side of the LR, Big Daddy J was napping on the other sofa (lol we were swimming all morning with the kids) they were still in the pool and I got baby down for a nap so took advantage of quiet time.

This is the top of that precious little curio table.  I love that the top is a tray as well.  I want this in my next house.

I need to have this clock....I dont know where it is from but its a buttery yellow just like the dresser in here as well and their both yummy. 

Here is the yummy yellow dresser.  It only had the lamp on top and the "Thank you for not smoking mini sign. lol.  I added the plant on top and to the side.  I like that it picks up the palms in the picture above.

These boxes were just lying around and so was the crane.  I was trying to disguise the outlet and fill the corner.  I hate empty corners....my step-dad says that his and my mothers house is round because she fills every corner (its so true!) I guess thats where I get it from.

Cute picture I found and put on an empty nail over the little round table off of the dining area. 

The is technically in the area by the living room, I'm guessing its extra eating table...we used it for kids table (they had a view of the tv.) I love the tall curio shelf...it had mosaic lanterns in it and was half empty so I filled it with some colorful beach accents.

This is our view from the living room area on the right.   Is this not a serene view, I know its a marsh filled with crabs and lord knows what else but its so peaceful and I just love this odd growing tree.

This is the view on the left side....below is a deck and small in ground pool.  


The dining area....The mixed and matched the table and chairs.  I'm not sure that I like it this way. lol    I might put the fabric chairs around the white table and leave all the wooden ones in the dining area. 

I love the funky fabric on these dining chairs but I think it clashes with the warm tones of the rug...what do you think?  Should I switch it?

Here is the kitchen, very nicely done.  It has granite countertops and nice warm honey cabinets.  Not too fond of the white appliances but it is a rental.  That light is a huge window, well there actually sliders with yet again another faux terrace ( i think that is such a waste of space) I would have made a nice wide window and carried the base cabinets all the way around in a U shape. 

This is the left side of the kitchen...nice aged bronze fixture for the double inside mount stainless sink. 2 little stools sit at the bar counter. The doorway on left leads to 2nd master with attached bath.

I'm very happy with this rental and intend on enjoying the rest of the week.  See y'all when we get back!


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