Sunday, August 8, 2010


So Big Daddy J built a huge L shaped bar at our old house (dont have any photos of it due to laptop crash) but when we moved her to the rental house we brought the smaller side bar piece. And yes, that is a beer keg that I painted red..lol  It had a glass top and was a side table but the kids broke it....lol

We stained the concrete a golden color....the top is still cement board.  Its awaiting the beauties below

These delicious things I purchased on ebay in 2008 and decided that we would tile the whol bar in this tile.
Well I have the tile now on the deck bar just roughly laid out.  Im hesitating because of the move we are considering.  I cant leave these bar tops behind and I fear trying to move them to SC and them not breaking.  I lost 6 tiles in a 4 mile move from one town to another.

Anywhooo...in our next home I will again have my mexican party place.  It will be filled with all my colorful accessories and roosters.


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