Thursday, August 19, 2010


Well now this is a different kind of Friday finds.......Today I found that I have 30 FOLLOWERS!  Yay!!! And I say that with much heartfelt gratitude.   I started blogging on June 7th, so Im only about 2 months into this blogland wonderfullness.   I have not hosted any giveaways ( Im not that far advanced yet...lol)  so its truly gratifying that the 30 followers I have are people that chose to want to follow my blog.

Now I'm a Jersey girl and not the mushy type. lol    but I have grown to love some of the ladies I have met in blogland.  Susan, Debbie, Marty, Candy, Kristen, Wendy, Michelle, Anne, Maria.   Those ladies I visit daily (if baby bugga allows me the time) and I always try to do my best and thank visitors that have commented on my page and visit theirs as well.  I join Susan, Debbie and Marty's party when I have something to contribute.

I don't know what the blog protocol is and frankly I'm not one to run with the pack (maybe thats a Jersey thing too) I follow my heart and go with my instincts......  Im not blogging to promote myself as a designer.  Im a mother and wife who since I can remember would draw in notebooks rooms and houses I wanted to design.  After the birth of my 5th child and at 38, Im determined to make it a reality in some form or fashion.  So I post whatever is on my mind....I transplanted from HGTV's RMS because of the drama and nastiness.  I feel welcome here and hope to grow and share my ideas and be inspired by others who wish to share as well.

So to all the ladies that I visit and who visit and follow my humble little blog...I appreciate you so much!  I will think of a fabulous way to thank you soon.

Thank you to my big sis J and her support and inspiring creativity, her blog http://pinkybrowninc.blogspot.com/  inspired me to start mine.  One day I hope to have a fabulous little shoppe with her somewhere.

I also want to mention a brilliant lady who I came in contact with,  she took the time to share her wisdom with me regarding  launching my shoppe and participating in a community event next month.   I am inspired by her and appreciate all of her advice today. Her name is Elizabeth Maxson and the blog I like of hers the most is http://www.elizabethhouseshoptalk.com/




  1. Hey there. Happy Friday to you. I did put the recipe up for the crab cakes on my post. Have a wonderful weekend. You have 5!! Wowzers....and I thought I was busy!

  2. Hi Melanie,

    Thank you for the mention, I am always glad to help whenever I can. I got your email and it sounds like you have it really together and will do fine. Don't worry about give-aways and all that - I have been blogging since 2005, I think, and this month is the FIRST give away (or contest, whatever) I am doing regarding people showing their store/booth/window display for August. And as friends or followers go, don't worry about that either, I never put that button on my blog forever until about 9 months ago or so? Don't even remember. Again, I just don't really do the "blog" stuff and like you, I just did my own thing and did it when I could find time. I think all that you are doing and your attitude are right on target.

    So, while blogging is fun, and I have met wonderful people out there that I have learned so much from, I find my most joy in doing what I want to do, which many times, doesn't really follow what the "blog world" is doing. I don't know if that is a good thing (or smart) or not, but it is what works for me now. Just follow your instincts. You seem to have good ones.

    All my best,

  3. OK, I'm so embarrased, I wasn't following you and I love your blog :) I many times forget to hit that little button, forgive me? So now you have 31!
    It's so funny how most of us bloggers have all been to RMS and left becuase of drama. It's such a differen't world over there. I still post pictures but rarely check in.
    Your in it for the right reasons, follow your heart and people will follow you. You have a heart of gold! Thank you for your kind words on my family, it's so hard loosing loved ones, exp when they are taken to early.
    Take care
    Kristin XOXO

  4. Thank you for your sweet words!!!! I'm your newest follower too!!!! Make it 32 now!

    Take care!

  5. Hi Melanie....first thanks for the mention. I too was encouraged and inspired to start a blog from RMS...that site ran me down....but I am glad it did, lead me to this wonderful world of inspiration that I love to share and learn from. Enjoy what you do and be yourself...just as you are:) Thanks for being a nice blogging friend to me and others. Debbie


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