Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Weddings are fun....they are fun to plan...fulfilling to style...but sometimes the best is just to be a guest for once!   No pressure....just get an outfit together, a card and your set!

Another fun option you have is that the Bride & Groom usually have set up some type of accommodations for guests that will be traveling to their wedding.

Now.....this is also an important part of the wedding planning.  You don't want to have a gorgeous wedding and then your guests return to their shady hotel.

This past weekend my husband and I attended the wedding of his childhood friend and also fellow Marine.    We decided last minute to stay in a hotel since it was an hour plus drive back home.
The couple chose to have their wedding at beautiful Merion in Cinnaminson, NJ.     The block room accommodations were at The ML Hotel.

Upon arriving at the hotel on the wedding day it was busy with wedding activity as well as locals checking in.  The ML Hotel has an attached water park that is apparently a very popular attraction for families.

We checked in and headed up to our room, pleasantly surprised by the size of the room.  The decor was nice too, of course I snapped pics.....so here you go.  

This is almost exact to our room, except we had a nice chair in front of the window

Love the distressed script written wallpaper

Local NJ artwork (Bravo)

This was a cool vintage piece of Atlantic City

And the ever so popular mirror selfie....except this was nice big mirror NOT IN THE BATHROOM...but near the door.

Here is where the wedding after party happened.....the hotel bar

Have to say....   The Hotel ML was a pleasure to stay with you.   Hope to come back with the kids and visit CoCo Keys


Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Actually just a short little note about some BIG news happening at Lucky 7 Design Vintage Prop Rentals & Styling.

We are launching a new Photo Prop Line and we are very excited about it!

Designs were sketched and built by hand and once photographed will be shared.....and put on the new website.   But here is just a taste of what is coming your way.

*Fabric Backdrops

*Door/Window Backdrops

*Vintage Polaroid

*Pop In Face Boards

*Faux Wall Decor Backdrops

*Kissing Booth

Okay I've shared too much already...............stay tuned and spread the word.   These are going to be so much fun for all types of events.

                                                                 - MJ

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I have to say that I love what I do....more than you can imagine.    As a window designer (retail visual merchandiser..lol) you get to play and create spaces to capture people eyes.   I enjoyed my years in retail but always had a love of furniture, parties and spaces.   Well event design is the same way....except a little more special.

Today I'm sharing a sneak peek of how I pull props for a shoot or an event.    Once I have a concept from either the photographer or the couple themselves then I can work my magic.

These photos are a what I pulled together last night to submit to the photographer that will be in charge of next months shoot in PA.   I can't give too much away, but let's just say it's going to be a Pig Out Kinda Day!

Okay that's enough.....you will have to check out my Lucky 7 Design Facebook Page to see the after event photos.

You can also message me on Facebook or Lucky 7 Design on Instagram about any props or styling needs you might have.

Have a Thrifty Tuesday!!!!


Friday, July 5, 2013


This year's July 4th holiday was a wet one....here are some photos throughout the day.