Saturday, March 14, 2015


Supportive friends are the best, they help you out in ways they don't realize sometimes.    Tonight I had the honor and definitely the pleasure to be in charge of my friend Paola's son's 1st Birthday.

She asked me weeks ago, of course I said yes!     And we spent hours and days on the phone texting, talking, going out shopping and today was what it was all for......I hope I did her proud.    

But I owe her a thank you for reminding me what it is that I love to do.   Sometimes life happens and we get lost.   Tonight I was found, and can't wait to plan and design some new party spaces.

Check out some photos from tonight's party....and I must say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ANTHONY GIANNI on his awesome 1st birthday.

STEP RIGHT UP.............

Event Design & Props - Lucky 7 Design
Sweets - Skulls n Sweets
Venue - O Lugar (Union NJ)