Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Sometimes in this wonderful hectic house, they're a few hours of quiet time.   Not often, but it does happen.  When it does its usually short notice and my husband and I will just jump in the front living room (it was supposed to be a nice sitting room).  Its on the sidebar...its the Island inspiried room.    Well my husband like most men can never have enough flat screen TVs in one house or on one floor for that matter. lol.   I didnt fight him on it because I bought him a 52" as a homecoming present when he returned from Iraq deployment. Obviously he didnt want to be anywhere in this house without a TV so he then purchased 2 - 36" of the same television (technically a fathers day gift).  Anywhoooo so now in my wonderful Rainforest/Safari/Eclectic Living Room I have a large black flat screen television on my fireplace mantle.

All that said, when I get time to watch television (usually only HGTV shows) that is where I watch it so I can still watch the 2 little ones and be close to my kitchen area. 

This is a set up for a spontaneous movie night for me and Big Daddy J....I got the ottoman on Craigslist (cmon what did you think)..So I just throw small cloths or fabric over it so we can eat on it.  Ive never been a tv table kinda girl...so 70's to me. lol

So the red fabric is remnant from my porch cushions, The rectangular fabric is a Dollar Tree dish towel. The white plates are also Dollar Tree, the mint colored bowls are Dollar Tree.  The glasses are my everyday basic glasses from Walmart set.  I also cut one of the dishtowels to make 2 napkins....we use them on our laps.  The red over them are actually red paper napkins.  

This is a Ramen noodle night...(we were short on time...baby doesnt nap that long. lol) And besides, U.S. Marines are huge fans of Ramen (well maybe theyre just use to eatin the stuff for months on end) but either way this is what we used this setting for. 

Remember folks...SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!  If you have a local organization that you can donate food to send overseas to our troops.  I suggest Ramen noodles...water is an easy thing for the military to have.  All a man/soldier/Marine needs is a bottle of water and a Ramen noodle packet.

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  1. My sister was a Marine wife for many years, and from experience, I so appreciate the sacrifices that you make for me to be free. You are the bedrock of our country. Your tablescape is wonderful. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  2. How cute is that that your linens match your meal! It looks like a wonderfully cozy time for two. I well remember the days when we had to sneak in our moments while the baby slept. Sweet days, though...

    And so proud to meet a military wife. I'm as proud of those who keep the home for our soldiers as I am of the soldiers themselves. Blessings to both you and your husband.

    Keep scaping!

  3. Thanks for the reminder about the Ramen. A friend with a son in the Peace Corps said the same think. It looks like a wonderful place for you two to enjoy some time. I like red and turquoise together.

  4. That was a sweet...hey I love Ramen noodles.:) Hope all is well....I just donated at the Dollar tree today for the troops...I guess their goods got stolen at a port or something of that nature....horrible how people could do that.

  5. Ramen noodles, will have to remember that...my dad was a proud Marine...a big thank you to your husband for what he does for our country.


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