Tuesday, August 3, 2010


So everyone has there DREAM CAR right?    Well my choice Im sure is not that of your average 38 yr old woman and mother of 5.   This is my DREAM (I think this one is actually ceramic or a toy model...still its my fantasy ride)

So there are many kinds of turquoise vintage pick up trucks and I love them all but I would love to drive this around town.

Enjoy some variations of the turquoise pick up truck and be taken away to a quaint life where you can go to the local market for fruits and vegtables, drop your kids off (actually wouldnt be safe but remember those days of riding in the back of a pick up?  Well, we went on horseback riding vacations up in the Catskills in Upper New York State.

Love this one too..ugh!

This is a later model, but sooo digging the turquoise and the size.

This one is a lighter blue but I love the front grill.

This one has the perfect backend for my Craigslist finds..lol

This last one is so sweet....how wonderful if one of our daughters could take a photo like this on their wedding day.

Thanks for sharing in my dream ladies......if it ever happens you can be sure that I will be blogging about it.


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