Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Im actually working on my items and listening to the music on my blogpage (sick I know) but its inspiring me to keep going.   I havent really posted anything lately as I usually do because Im so busy.

I have however stopped in to my regular favorites and drop a comment here and there.  I just really need to focus and get my items done, then go outside and do a mock set up in my driveway.  Im a perfectionist and I cant wait till the morning of to come up with a plan.  Ive literally drawn in out 4-5 times...but Im a visual person so it'll be easier for me to just start arranging things.

Ive been searching the internet for spaces that inspire me and the feel and theme that I like.  Ive always loved vintage but I still love my dark woods so I guess Im more of a vintage farmhouse type.lol   I love ruffles and fabric but I dont think Im a Shabby Chic girl (I use to be.....had all of Rachel Ashwell books and actually use to record her show on TV ! I soooooo just dated myself...but no shame im 38 and have no problem with it. However I knew that wasnt completely my style, and I know some of your read my post on Elizabeth Maxson.  Well she is my style, we have the same likes and the mix of textures and styles.  I love her work and feel like Im not the odd ball not wanting to go and paint everything white and have roses and ruffles everywhere.  Her style has actually been coined Elizabeth House Style and its right on point with what I like and I can feel comfortable. I love her out-of-the-box thinking since Ive never been one to follow the pack.  Not that I lead any pack, but rather travel on my own path.  I trust that God will lead me as he always has in the past.

I wont be selling my furniture pieces at the fair because the items cant be used.   So I will be using them as props to create the enviroment I want, but only be selling my textile items.   I really cant wait to list them on Etsy but Im a people person so I think I will enjoy selling them in my tent!

Back to work.....enjoy this day!

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  1. Great to ponder your thoughts Melanie...go with what you comes to mind first...you can never go wrong with what you like:) And I know you have good taste.


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