Thursday, March 17, 2016


For those of you who follow me on Instagram (Lucky7design) , you know I recently downsized from a single family home and into a loft condominium.  I decided to revamp all of my decor and not repeat too much here in the new place.

Kinda Rustic Farmhouse meets Restoration Hardware & Anthropologie.... Honestly I get bored easily and I like my home to be eclectic and not just one style.

While out browsing in Home Goods....I spotted an awesome large piece of art.   When I looked at the price tag, I knew it was out of my budget.

 Now it's beautiful and worth it but I just had to stick to my budget because I had a long wish list for the new place.    So I decided that I could definately DIY this....

My plan:

Buy an inexpensive large canvas piece of art
Cover it up
Try to replicate the pattern of the inspiration piece

I immediately sent the above picture to my sister and told her of my plan.   She is the true artist in the family.....I just dabble.   She said go for it.

Not even 2 days later on Instagram there is a Sponsored Post for Home Goods.....guess what?  Yep, my wish list piece of art being featured.

                                                 Now it's on.....even more motivation.

          HERE IS HOW I DID IT:

My supplies
Inexpensive Painting
Spray Paint
Putty Knife

Pretty but not for my decor

Step 1....I spray painted with copper paint

Step 2.....spackle

Almost done

I then mixed some metallic paint with the spackle

I wanted a simple design but needed more copper than the original inspiration art.

Here is my DIY art on the wall in my new place.   I wanted it specifically to hang over my new sofa



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