Sunday, January 16, 2011


In the process of de-cluttering my home for the New Year....I got rid of more than half of my wardrobe. Also due to baby #5 and my slightly different figure this year (lol) I hate to get rid of things because no matter what anyone says IT ALL COMES BACK INTO STYLE AT SOME POINT.

So..... I brought my stuff to the consignment shop I've been using for over 6 years now (Tuesdays Child).  Over 10 coats, 25 pairs of boots and multiple pairs of jeans, pants and tops later I'm left with hardly anything to wear.

I have a couple of little jackets and my always faithful collection of leggings.  However I need to search out some sweaters and tunic dresses.   I'm pretty simple in the clothing dept...I love accessories though with a passion.    I wear jeans or leggings everyday!   My Seven jeans and black leggings are my basics.  I have a fetish for shoes (boots), purses, coats but have slimmed down my collection.

I have 5 children and 2 of them are 4 and 10 months so let's just say I'm an on the go kinda Mama and cant be as untouchable and I use to be.   Comfortable has taken over for Carefree but I'm still trying to convince Stylish to stick around. lol

I love this post on Gwyneth Paltrow site http://goop.com/....particularly her post on Her Uniform.  This is so ME on almost every set...less on #3 but I'm in 1,2, 4 almost daily!

Do You Have A Daily Uniform?    If so, I love to see or hear what it is...

Uniform #1




Such classic looks!   Can't wait to go shopping for my birthday this month!


  1. That is funny. Reminds me of a time me and my bff cleaned out her 80's closet, we were on the floor laughing. I try to get dressed half OK everyday.

  2. Funny! I have never thought about it but yes I have a complete "mom" uniform! Jeans, tee and wrap sweater...just about everyday! Man...I need a change.


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