Sunday, June 16, 2013


My husband is an awesome father to our 5 children, he is also a fan of the show Man vs. Food...we watch it all the time...im hooked too.  Adam Richman visits the best spots and makes us very hungry often.  This is the kids surprising Daddy with Dunkin Donuts coffee, donuts snack and surprise candy card.

As you can see he was surprised.

The cards says...    To The Best Dad,
We wanted to give you (100Grand) for Father's Day but the $ slipped our (Butterfingers).
We didn't have an (Extra) money because it wasn't (PayDay).  So here is hoping your day is
full of (Mounds) of (Almond Joy)

Love Your,  Hot Tamales..lol

We decided that on Father's Day we would drive about 1 hour and a half away to visit the City of Philadelphia and do our own Man vs. Food challenge................CHEESESTEAK STYLE!!!

Our Best Man & Maid of Honor (and still great friends) came along with the kids...by the way they have 5 children too.     ROOOOOOAD TRIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

YEP...... We made our way to visit the FAMOUS Pat King of Steaks & Geno's and did a taste test of both cheesesteaks and fries!

How awesome is this shot...I swear I love taking pictures.

This wall is to the right of Pat's King of Steak's place

Here is our combined crew, our friend's 5 children and 5 of our 6...we get the funniest look when we go places together...looks like a field trip!!!

My one and only son who isn't a baby anymore, sitting across from me today I realized he is grown, graduating next week and off to high school.  Love this kid!!!

My husband and his friend Joey on the right who was also our Best Man.  
Love this pic of them!

This is my Love and I standing at Geno's.  Your an awesome father and I love you for it more everyday...sometimes we give so much more when we didn't have it ourselves.

And yes, we did taste both spots cheesesteaks and their fries....Honestly, they were both awesome and the 4 adults were torn in making a real choice.   We thought Pat had awesome fries, we thought Geno's steak was awesome but I thought the cheese was too runny but it tasted salty and awesome.

Soooooooooooooooooo....guess we will just have to go back and do it again to make a final choice!

- MJ


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