Thursday, June 10, 2010


Okay so I've always loved PIER 1....but haven't been there in awhile since I had the baby.   But today my little bug and I went shopping together!   I carried her through the store and showed her all the lovely SALE items! Gotta start her early, she is the youngest of 5 so more for your money is the motto I try to teach them.   I didnt have anything specific in mind just wanted to browse and see what table top items I could find.  So here is what I came up with......all these items totaled a big ol' $16.65 with NJ tax!!!

I just purchased 4 panels of fabulous purple/gold/black curtains from a woman on craigslist (Hi Chastidy).  She had a beautiful home (I coulda spent the whole day there just coming up with ideas for decorating). Went to pick up curtains and we talked for almost an hour and she showed me her home and her Memorial Day tablescape!   I got the 4 panels for 30.00 so now Im gathering some purple items so in the winter/holiday season I can do a purple/gold theme in my dining room.   So that pile of purple are napkins for a wonderful tablescape im planning (a little early I know but I like to add on and adjust so I allow time for that).   Here's a pic of the curtain fabric...its delicious!

See some close ups below.........

These adorable little things are actually napkin rings.....so cute with the frame!  I like that you can personalize with name or put in pretty paper to coordinate with your theme.  I took pic close so you can see the price......$0.98   yes folks.....thats right ninety-eight cents.  There were only 4 left so I'll have to hunt down another 4 to get a set of at least 8.

The 2 yellow glasses were 1.98 each! I will use them with my green mexican glasses since I only have 6 of them.   The purple glasss I just liked...if I cant find more (theyre from the fall the salesgirl said) then I will use it  in a centerpiece.   And lastly the fab purple tone on tone striped napkins at $ 1.38 each.  The navy one on the end ($0.48) I grabbed because I already have 6 of them from last year that I use over my dining room chairs to protect from food staining (I do have 5 children...lol)  We use our dining room EVERY NIGHT for dinner.

Hope you enjoyed my thrifty Thursday shopping trip.  I will post at some point where all these little jewels end up in my home.


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