Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Well....I've been out of commission for a few days.   Still recovering from the BBQ on Saturday, and not feeling so well.  It's been very hot and humid here in NJ, I know you southern belle's are use to the heat down there but 95 in NJ isnt pretty. lol.     I havent been able to get out and shop (boohoo) so I wasnt able to post anything Monday/Tuesday.  Im not sure I'll have anything for Tablescape Thursday either.  I might just take this week to rest and get myself in order.  

Im also trying to get some items listed in my Etsy shoppe.   I need to take photographs and all that good stuff, I had one before but never used it so I decided to give it a try again.  I will be listing vintage items...like jewelry and possibly some other items.

I wish all of you well this week, and I must say a BIG thanks to Nancy over at :

She had a giveaway from Sally's (A little Scrappy) Etsy shoppe.   And I won!  Woo Hoo!!! I was so happy to have one something from blogland. lol     I had my eye on an item that I said I would want if I won, but now there are so many.   I cant wait to finally pick my item and wait for it to come in the mail.   Sally has some adorable little items in her shop and Nancy used some in her last tablescape which I LOVED.   It has birds and cloches with ribbons and feathers.   Too much is never enough and she ALWAYS has great dishes of course!    So click on over and check Nancy out and dont forget to visit Sally on Etsy (A little Scrappy).

See you all next week, hopefully I'll be refreshed and ready to go.


  1. whoo hoo...Hi Melanie! This is Sally over at "alittlescrappy" :) Just letting you know that your winnings are in the mail :)

    I hope you enjoy the little purple theme :) It sure has been fun working with you and Nancy on this!! And I'm soooo glad you won!

    Everyone should have a first...I'm still waiting on mine...guess I'm going to have to enter some now myself...lol

    I've joined your blog too! whoo hoo
    xo Sally


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