Thursday, August 4, 2011


I love letters in general whether is text in a book or dictionary, signs, letters but most of all post cards.   I love postcards and collect them from anystate or place I visit.   Even if it's in New Jersey.

(LIGHTBULB) I think I might request a postcard from all of my fabulous friends and readers here. (haha)

This table is amazing in it's original state, the top was slightly damaged as far as finish.   I could have easily sanded and stained it and it would be great again.    However me being ME.....I wanted to do something different!   I have seen a lot of stenciling of labels on pillows and everything else so I didnt want to go that route.

A POST CARD!!!!   It was the perfect shape, it had border detailing....it was meant to be!   I set out on a step by step process.    I decided since I was on a chalk paint makeover frenzy I would use my Olde White for the base color (again no sanding needed...just paint).

Postmarks are on and text on top done.

I started off with a little Valspar glaze

Then added more to the edges for age

Same here

The is a sideview of the table in my livingroom

This is a sideview of the table with the iron base in my living room.

Close up center & right

Bottom right - con amore (with love)

Final look....I didnt want to right anything personal.   I promised the husband this will be going into the shop!   Let's see if Im able to keep that promise peeps.


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  1. ooohhhh!!! I LOVE IT!!! I will be hunting postcards!!! ♥


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