Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Most of you know that in addition to Lucky 7 Design (etsy shop) I also have another little baby called Mama J Jewels.

I've created various collections in what I call jewelry boxes....each different but always something for everyone!   All items are handmade by myself...I use vintage items as well as new....sometimes mixed together they make fabulous pieces too!

I'm lucky in doing what I do to meet some great creative people with wonderful ideas, such was the case about a week ago.   I met a man who has a site and Facebook page that I want to share with you.

The Trivia Exchange is an awesome idea and I hope all of you will head on over and become a fan.  They host weekly trivia games with fabulous prizes.  It's simple, just be a fan, be ready for the question, answer 1st and you win!   C'mon how easy is that.....fun way to test your brain and then reward yourself with the prize!

Here is the extra fun part...they are sponsoring a $100 giveaway to Mama J Jewels shop.    How cool is that...answer a question and then go shopping at Mama J Jewels!   That's a lot of jewels because you all know I keep my pricing fair and include shipping on most items too!

The giveaway will take place on August 9th, but keep checking in with The Trivia Exchange for updates and clues on how you will win this fabulous giveaway!

I'm hoping to have some of my new collection in the shop for giveaway day.....so that's my extra little surprise for you all!


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