Friday, December 3, 2010


This year is the 1st year in the new house with a fireplace...Ive been waiting 11 months to decorate this thing.  And then.......decorators block!   I wanted something different than what Ive done before but didn't want to go out and spend more money (I have 5 children to buy Christmas presents for in this house....lol)

I also wanted to edit my holiday decor (or at least challenge myself to try).  I love the style of Lynda from Focal Point....http://nyclq-focalpoint.blogspot.com (she was a merchandiser as well and I love her use of objects to tell a story in a room) I also have a soft spot for her because she's a Jersey Girl who relocated to South Florida (cant blame her for that decision).

I do still have small children in the house so I still want it to be whimsical and magical for them as well.  So here is what I came up with for the living room.  Keep in mind this is just our sitting room, our family room/Dallas Cowboys cave is downstairs with a playroom area.  So I kept this a little more grown up and a lighter more natural palette than I usually do.

Leopard sofa w/ muslin pillows and I switched out my spindle lamps for these more elaborate ones.  My book page wreath and the rest was exsisting.

I use my Macy's dining room chairs as side chairs, again another wreath. I also switched out the brown curtains to muslin tab-tops.

The archway from LR to DR hold our 7 stockings with 1 extra for my daughters best friend Nikki.  Do you think we have room for any more children??? (just kidding)

Lamp I pulled from garage storage, my heavy metal cross and a glass bowl or ornaments.

Other sidetable...box was gift from husband while he was in Iraq (how sweet) and I cut fresh greens from front yard bush and ta-da a cute simple vignette.

My old standby leather ottoman with a burlap throw.  On top as always my black toile tray with some books and very old bible and rosary (let's remember what the holiday is all about).

Closer look....small metal cross, decanter w/ oatmeal, brass candlesticks (they remind me of Ebinezer Scrooge)

This was how the mantle was coming together...was trying to use this great crystal lit garland my friend gave me...the white wiring was giving me such stress.

Dollar store gold star, along with trio of glass votive holders and some textural decorative balls

This is the left side, same star but I filled a vase with white rice (snow) and walnuts mixed with chestnuts (needs a refill...i was snacking)

J is for Joseph....

Love this artwork...got it off season at BBB for 75% off. Cha-ching!

Companion piece

Also companion piece...I love it.

This is the intended spot for the tree.  Do you see that magazine page taped on the wall. (thats my inspiration tree from Ballard Designs) I want a tall somewhat thin tree this year.

My ceramic santas from around the world..they each have country and year on them.

Another 5 Santas

And ladies/gents  this is why you should go with your partner for the family tree. This is a Douglas Fir that is 8-9ft the tag says...it reaches the ceiling of my LR (ahhhhhhh) 

Out came the clippers, it was literally covering half the fireplace. lol

But hey waste not want not or however that saying goes....I used those little branches to beef up my mantel area.  Dont you love my use of a gold charger to camoflauge the 36" flat screen. lol

As of right now 2 a.m this is what the mantel looks like (cant say that will be the case by tomorrow or Christmas morning for that matter).

Now decorating this mammoth of a Christmas tree is my next project.  God I love my husband...(if you could only hear the sarcasm...lol)

Well its time for bed....goodnight to all!


This is right next to the door...I placed by twig/rice vase there along w/ a handpainted glass ornament my brothers girlfriend gave me years ago.  Kinda looks like a Charlie Brown tree from this angle. lol

My daughter added these plush little reindeer...theyre from 1994 the year she was born.

I decided to put the heavy metal cross on the mantel, since the baby stood up and took her first steps yesterday (woohoo & uh oh come to mind).

Here is the beast glammed up a bit.


  1. Oh Melanie that was genius! I am loving the use of fresh greens too this year. You have some great Christmas decor. Loved your pics too, really told the story well through them.

  2. Your decorations are all wonderful. I love that you include the meaning of Christmas. The tree is really big. I finally bought a faux one several years ago just so I could have the right size. lol I know yours will be perfect. The smell is always so wonderful. Hugs, Marty

  3. All of your decor is just beautiful!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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