Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I've been busy whipping up some goodie bags for my daughters school friends because she turns 4 on Monday and this will be her 1st birthday she can celebrate at school. (she only started last year after her 3rd bday)

She is a huge Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fan so we are going with a Mickey & Minnie theme.  Here is a sneak peek the party is on Saturday afternoon so I will be sharing the photos probably Sunday/Monday.

Have to tell you what fun is what doing Mickey Mouse...my husband and I were saying how he's such a classic and gets forgotten with all the new characters and tv channels.  So glad my little girl likes the classics.

Kids usually hate to wear party hats so I came up with this lightweight headgear.  Mickey & Minnie ears! So easy to make but I will still post a little party craft tutorial. And of course photos of my little mousekateers!

These are the party bags...since she is born on the 20th we usually include Christmas theme in her bday as well.  So we used Santa bags filled with 1 pkg of candy, kazoo, magic reindeer food, mini candy canes Mickey crayons and a Christmas ornament personalized.  I also included Mickey coloring book with a beanie baby.

Tuesday is then my husband's birthday....so this will be a busy week in the Joseph home.  Thank goodness no goodie bags for him!


  1. Now those are the best goodie bags yet! I love the Minnie, Mickey ears, so cute. Thanks Melanie, I am letting Jack read all these comments tomorrow, he is going to feel like Rock star!

  2. WOW Melanie!!!! You've been a busy bee and those goodies look great!! xo

    :D Lynda

  3. How did you make the ears? Will like to make it for my daughter's third birthday.

  4. How did you make the ears? Will like to make them for my daughter's 3rd birthday.


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