Monday, December 6, 2010


So for 6 years now my husband has been taunting me about my "Macy's trees".   His version of a Christmas is to pull everything out of boxes and throw it on the tree!   I know this because I let him and the kids decorate the tree one year....yes ONE YEAR!   It was killing me not to rip everything off, but I promised not to touch it.

So since the kids and the husband are getting the artificial tree downstairs......that leaves me with the fabulous 9ft Douglas Fir that hubby picked up last night.   I wished for a slim tall tree to fit in the corner by the fireplace...kinda like an Italian Cypress tree.   Well I think its obvious that I didnt go with my husband nor did he hear me voice my wishes for the tree this year.

This is the monster he walked in with at 9p.m.

This is the beast it became after we cut the netting off, still enormous.

I cant see my santas of anything on that wall and its imposing on the fireplace too. OMG

Out came the clippers and I started at the bottom....leaving room for my decorative present boxes (ha this year I get to do whatever I want up here)

As you can see not much of a difference...but I did get some great clippings for the mantel and the kitchen hutch. lol

Ive gotten alot of inspiration from Ballard Designs

 This year Im going to try a more muted color scheme. This is my inspiration tree from Ballard Designs. White, Cream, Silver, Gold and natural textures like birds, pine cones, rice and nuts are my ingredients for the living room holiday design.

Lights are on...type to spruce them both up.

Here it starts off with lights and a special tree skirt.

This is my Nonna (grandmother) Anna's bedspread...its light and beautiful and I love having it under my tree.

It has beautiful detail work and in the center the phrase " Amor Mio"...I love it.
Little white birds perched on branches

The small cream glossy ornaments 

Well here is where it stands right now (I want some more birds and maybe some larger balls)

We also decided to get a Joseph Family tree topper...its the baby's 1st Christmas this year and we decided we want to have the same topper to go onto our tree everyone as a tradition.

Here you can see the clippings that I tucked into my Dollar Tree garland on the fireplace.  YES!!! that is a gold charger plate covering the TV...it makes me feel better that looking at a huge black rectangle.

Reversal of sides on top of the mantel and added the iron cross

Took pine cones from dining room to give it some texture

Some more pine cones added on the other side

Added some more ornaments but this tree is kicking my butt, Im gonna have to run out and buy something to fill it in more.  

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  1. Beautiful!!! I love the muted all white color! Great job - the little birds are so cute!

  2. oh my goodness - that's a big beautiful tree! i love it. What does Amor Mio mean? That's such a sweet tradition.

  3. Thanks for your visit and kind words! I think your tree is wonderful, but do agree, maybe some black would give it the kick it needs!


  4. Love the neutral, shimmery palette you're doing! Looking forward to shopping with you next year!

    Eddie + Jaithan

  5. I am laughing so hard...my husband would've come home with something like that too. Bigger is always better right? I think you made it look great!


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