Sunday, December 5, 2010


This year we decided on having 2 main Christmas trees in the house since we now have the room.  The standby artificial one I purchased in 2008 when my husband was deployed (just didn't want to deal with the hassle  of real one without him there) will be going downstairs in the family room. Well its actually decorated as a Dallas Cowboys football room. (post on this room coming for Superbowl)

We are having a tree-trimming party and the kids and their friends will decorate the tree.   However, I'm not nuts and turning over all my ornaments.   So I put a huge assortment in a big Rubbermaid tub for them to dig through and hang on the tree.

Here are some of the highlights from our party.

Here are my 2 daughters showing the decorating skills.

My daughter was loving stringing every type of garland I had available.

Tazia is putting on the finishing touches.

My Maya is playing tag w/ her bestie Derrick..they had a blast

Here is the kids tree...without the skirt and the train somehow was moved...lol  Notice the 2 little ones in the background stuck on the tv.

Baby "Bugga" was all over so we took out the Bumbo. lol

My son playing video games & kiddos watching

Good ol' game of Ms. Pac-Man...love these kids. This is the playroom side of downstairs.

Another shot of the decorated tree....this time the Daddy's have changed the tv to football. lol

The adults admiring the kiddies do their decorating thing.

This is an older pic but kinda what the room looks like on a normal day.

This is my husbands wall of fame from football days..those pics in the frames are of him.  We moved the mean guy and put the tree to the left of the wall.

This is my husbands favorite thing to look at on any given Sunday.  I decorated this area but with all the hoopla, didnt get a chance to photograph it.

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  1. Looks festive and fun in your house Melanie! Your kiddos are way too cute!


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