Wednesday, December 22, 2010


As the mother of 5 children I am very appreciative of the time and effort teachers put into their jobs.  I was a pre-school teacher myself for awhile.   However as I stated I have 5 children so that's ALOT of teachers.

My pre-schooler has 1 teacher, 2 aides, 1 therapist in her class....TOTAL 4 gifts!
and since she is special needs she has door-to-door busing with a.m. & p.m. busdrivers
so that means 1 driver and 1 aide both ways.........another 4 gifts.....TOTAL
 8 gifts!

My 4th grader has 2 teachers and 1 aide in her class......TOTAL 3 gifts!
she also has a math tutor who is also our karate teacher....TOTAL 1 gift!

Okay folks are we keeping up......so Im at a total of 12 gifts and thats not including my 6th & 11th grader who have 4-6 teachers daily but dont really do teachers gifts at that level (????) I dont see what the difference is but okay...kiddos.

Thankfully everyone of the teachers are female so I didnt have to find different things suited for male or female.   My solution........

Scarf with coordinated gloves & a handmade burlap reindeer ornament.

Here are the 12 gift bags & also the center bag are goodie bags for my daughter's preschool class

Now me personally I think the set is pretty nice......some people might think what I say next is cheap or rude but here it is.   They're from DOLLAR TREE...yep!    Listen, say or think what you want but 12 teachers to buy for is alot and I did the best that I could.   I bought a few sets for myself and for other family members.

New Jersey is an expensive state to live in and currently times are tough here under new goverment so every penny saved for us counts. 

I truly do appreciate all the teachers who educate children and the extra effort they put in as well.

Happy Holidays to all the educators out there !!!!!


  1. You are a saint. Dollar Tree or not! I sent my kid in with rice krispy treats sprinkled with red glass sprinkles (which his Dad made last night last minute) and a homemade card from the family. Voila.

    I don't do gifts for anyone for the oldest (14) as he would rather DIE than hand out gifts to his teachers/ drivers etc.... I love that boy most. ;)

  2. There is NOTHING wrong with Dollar Tree gifts! Really! I love that place. I taught preschool and summer camp for a bit, and I'm telling you...those little ones are so sweet, it wouldn't matter if they brought me reindeer poo I would have loved it! Go you for remembering everyone!

  3. YAY FOR DOLLAR TREE! If I could do ALL of my shopping there, I would! It's fantastic! Those gifts are awesome!

  4. Melanie, are you kidding me, they are fantastic! I have a black and white scarf I bought from the dollar tree years ago...I still wear it, and get more compliments on it. Those teachers will Love it! You done good.


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